The user experience is Google’s favorite. Why?

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UX- An important discipline that many know, many people studied but, unfortunately, few apply. And not because there are no experts in this field but, because the e-commerce do not seem to be for the work of investing “still” in this type of optimizations.

The philosophy of the e-commerce (mainly SMEs) seems to be the following: “Until it is strictly necessary (i.e.: until Google penalizes me or my sales begin to fall), I will not make more changes on my website.” A reactive attitude that implies an “opportunity cost” at times, very high.

For that reason, our task should be to raise awareness among our clients so that they can catch up with the backlog of duties as far as user experience is concerned. And for that, first of all, it is to make it crystal clear what UX is and what its role is with it.

Defining UX or user experience

The user experience is the sensation that a user experiences when interacting with our website. We give you an example to try not only to read it but to “experience” it.

While it is true that the User Experience is more related to subjective aspects such as emotional design, the tone of the message, the persuasive factor, ergonomics, etc. there are many more “objective” aspects that also have a prominent role, such as: the usability of the page, accessibility, architecture, adaptation to responsive, the form of interaction, the speed of loading, etc.

What role should the e-commerce assume in UX?

Plain and simple: work so that your visitors have the best possible user experience when interacting with your website; in other words, make sure that these users feel as satisfied (happy) as possible during their navigation.

And how is that done?

Very easy: eliminating all problems on your way.

This, translated into the “e-commerce” language, would mean allowing the user to have an absolutely pleasant navigation without overwhelming forms, or unexpected announcements, infinite purchase processes, or system failures, exorbitant shipping costs, broken links, or cold and impersonal messages, pages devoid of emotion, compulsory records, or unwanted emails.

Google loves UX

“From the beginning, our efforts have focused on providing the best possible user experience” Word from Google. Google has had this idea present since its inception and has worked on it continuously to this day.

Examples of UX in the “Google World”

Surely you will know many of the examples that we are going to show you next but, it is very likely that, after seeing them from the UX perspective, the values much more and you understand the dedication that Mr. “G” puts in pampering our user experience.

Result? The first results after Google installed its funny .gifs on the main page of its site, revealed that it had received many more interactions, recorded much more time of permanence and, in addition, offered positive feelings to users who used their search engine.

And if you allow me, I will give you three fundamental reasons why you should get down to work:

# 1 By Google

You have already seen that the goal of the giant is to offer the best of experiences to its users. And if you have followed the doctrines that have marked us in terms of positioning, content, links, and others, why do not you go ahead and follow it as far as UX is concerned? Or is it necessary that the penalties begin again?

# 2 For your e-commerce

Offering a good User Experience to your visitors will make you sell more, or I can assure you. A happy customer is a predisposed client, open to our promotions, messages, persuasive interactions, etc. Therefore, if you work correctly the user experience of your website your conversion rate will rise like foam.

# 3 For your users

You have the opportunity to make your users happy, and a good business must always watch over them. Is yours? How is the user experience measured?

If you have been encouraged to start with UX or you had made your first steps in this discipline, but now you want to give maximum reed, the first thing you should know is that in this field (as in most), measuring is mandatory.

Both before embarking on a project and during its optimization and at the end of the whole process, you have to measure.

That said, the first thing is to know what we have to measure.

This is very complicated since it is something totally subjective.

When extracting results, not only the degree of pleasure that the user experiences when interacting with a page intervenes, but also their initial expectations about it or its usefulness and, all this, according to the contextual characteristics of the subject : personality, social class, age, sex, cultural level, device, etc.

Trends in user experience in 2019

We will continue with the Gamification

If you liked the Google dinosaur, wait and see what Nike has set up with its custom shoe design. Users love “touch,” that’s why we like these things so much. The visitor has fun, can observe different models of shoes, their qualities, their materials, etc. They can even share their creation in social networks.

Design effects Parallax Scrolling and horizontal scroll

These effects can be seen especially in mobile, a field in which the UX has acquired in a very short time an extreme importance. With such tiny interfaces it is necessary to resort to functional and emotional solutions that can, while serving as a useful tool for the user, to make their interaction with these elements totally pleasurable.

Look at these examples:


We have shown you before, the micro-interactions are beginning to spread among the most current web pages (both desktop and mobile version). We show you an example: in WhatsApp Web (the version that allows to manage the WhatsApp from a PC) the interface sends a notification when the battery of the phone is running low.

A detail (micro-interaction) that, in addition, being quite useful, causes a positive feeling in the user; as a kind of feeling of gratitude.

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