How your Web Design Affects Your Conversion Rates

A reputable SEO company knows the impact social media has on search engine rankings which is why they incorporate content marketing with social media marketing.

Which metrics do you pay attention to the most? Hopefully, conversion rates is somewhere near the top of that list. If you have high conversions, then you’re doing something right. Everything you do within your online marketing strategy can affect your conversions. An attractive web design can help keep interested prospects around longer, while bad press on social media could cost you a few thousand in traffic.

It’s good to have an overall picture of what each campaign is doing for your website. Is your social media strategy in line with your content marketing strategy? How about your search engine optimization, landing pages and pay-per-click campaigns? Everything needs to be in synergy, so that nothing is disrupting your conversion rates.

For now, we will focus on why your web design is very important and why it shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to improving your conversion rates. Let’s review how your Web design can make or break your Los Angeles business.

Promote Ultimate User-Friendliness

It doesn’t matter whether you have a simple landing page or a complete website. Usability is going to play a major role in both instances. It’s also necessary to have a design that is intuitive, so people will know what to do once they arrive on your web page. If you’re redesigning or designing a new website, you can look at your competitor’s sites to get ideas. Another option would be to perform tests with user groups using different variations of design templates.

Design with Conversion in Mind

There are certain features you can implement in your web design that will help prospects convert into buyers. Once you verify these and use them properly, you can boost your conversion rates significantly. For instance, you can use large headings on the areas that contain vital pieces of data. You can also place important elements above the fold – just make sure you don’t crowd the page. Some you may want to consider includes a search bar, sign-up forms, social proof and calls to action.

Speedy Websites Win the Race!

You absolutely must have a website that is fast. Today’s consumers are using high-speed data connections and Wi-Fi, so if your website can’t keep up with the demand, then they will leave and find a site that will. It doesn’t matter how enticing your web design is – if it has slow loading speeds, then you’ve already failed your audience and your conversion rates will undoubtedly suffer.

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