Absolutely Hideous, Honey! Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid At All Costs

Web Design Mistakes

Oscar Wilde famously said, “Either the drapes go or I do!” before dying on his parlor couch. Do not let bad web design choices kill your website. Here is a list of mistakes that you should never make. Here’s a freebie: no hamster dance gifs ever!


In the business world today, your website is your calling card. Clients and customers will often choose which business to go with based on how legit their website looks. Web design is the key to staying alive these days, and if the design of your website is pish-posh, you’ve got a serious problem.

Do you know how irritating it can be to do a full redesign of your site after it’s been active for a long period of time? Super duper irritating, that’s how much. It’s a pain in the rear, and a good amount of time it may be necessary to tear everything down and start fresh. So it’d be a really good idea to get it right the first time, wouldn’t it?

So, here are the top 5 web design mistakes you should avoid from your friends here at I Think An Idea:

  1. I Can’t Even Read That! It is really important that your website is easy to read and can be scanned easily by your visitors. We can’t tell you how many times people won’t even get through the first paragraph of your copy if they can’t easily read it. Make your copy legible and things will go way better for you.
  2. Eew, That’s Ugly! Your website design should be decently attractive for people to look at, and should be aesthetically pleasing. A mashed up, weird-looking or ugly website isn’t going to be as fun and enjoyable of an experience for your traffic if they have they have a hard time even looking at it!
  3. Consistency, Come On! Having a website that is consistent throughout every page is of the utmost importance, and goes along with the attractiveness level of your web design. Creativity is great and all, but there needs to be a certain level of symmetry in the layout of your website or it’ll look weird.
  4. 1000 Words, Not 1000 Pictures! While it’s really important for your site to have pictures to make it pleasing and easy for people to look at, it’s a bad move to have a massive amount of pictures, videos, or animations blasting the eyeballs of your customers. It is rough to look at and can make us want to leave for fear of having a seizure.
  5. Cluttered Pages, Gross! There needs to be an organized layout on your page, and having too much junk crammed together on your page is a huge turnoff for web surfers. Whitespace is your friend, but you need to make sure that there is a decent balance between content, pictures, and whitespace to ensure that your website is easily viewable.

There are others things you should avoid, like having too complex a contact form or playing irritating music that changes with every page. But for the most part these are the most important elements that you’ll need to ensure that people like your site, and that they’ll stay there.

So, let’s say you totally blew it, and committed all of the web design crimes we just listed here. What do you do now? Well, it’s definitely time to call I Think An Idea. We can take your boring, scary, or awkward website and turn it into a beautiful work of digital art that you can be proud to show your clients and customers.

Do you suffer from “Ugly Website Syndrome?” Get the cure from I Think An Idea!

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