Winning Over Customers Using Story-Telling

Internet is the best place to engage with your customers. It's best to hire a professional search engine optimization company for the management of your online reputation, which is important factor for customers to find your company on the internet and like you.

People love stories – it’s why brands like Apple and Dollar Shave Club have had major success with the public. The great thing about storytelling is that you don’t need millions of dollars to use it. All you need is a fantastic story and compelling narrative. Push it out to the world and you’re bound to attract consumers to your brand. Storytelling is something a professional SEO service can help you with. You can find an SEO company in Los Angeles that specializes in online reputation management and content marketing. The combination of these two services are vital for building your brand identity.

There are different strategies you can use when telling stories to your audience.

Tell a Customer’s Story

This goes beyond a simple testimonial, creating a more dramatic peek into the life of a past customer you’ve successfully helped. Not only will this give consumers insight into how you can potentially help them, but it also gives your brand credibility. You can describe a major problem the customer was having and how your product or service resolved it. If you can get your customers to record their testimonial – even better! A professional SEO service provider can help with the planning of customer testimonials.

Give Some Background on Your Company

No company, big or small, rose up from the ashes unscathed. Everyone has a rags to riches story they can share with their audience. Think Amazon – growing from a garage company to the giant it is today. Apple and Microsoft also started in garages, and we see what they’ve become. The story itself is intriguing and inspiring. It gives a different view of what would otherwise be seen as just another corporation. Let your audience know how you go to where you are today, so to give your company more personality and to differentiate it from competitors.

Share Your Own Personal Story

This requires you to bare your heart and soul to the world, which can be challenging for some small business owners. Telling your story is different than telling your company’s story. It’s about you personally and how you managed to get to where you are today. Try to tie it into how and why you decided to build your business. When done right, this can help inspire brand loyalty.

These are just some of the ways you can incorporate story-telling into your content marketing strategy. You can enlist the help of professional services offered by an SEO agency to assist with the planning and implementation of your story-telling.

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