Why You Should Be Using Content Hubs


Businesses today have a valuable tool at their disposal – the Internet. It is a cost-effective way to generate lots of leads without paying the hefty price of airing commercials and radio ads. This is why so many businesses today are attracted to the idea of Internet marketing. SEO companies are driving businesses forward, using various Web marketing tactics. You can hire an SEO company to implement keyword strategies, develop PPC campaigns and create content. You’ll quickly learn that in the Internet marketing world, content will play a key role in building traffic.

The challenge is getting your content seen in the sea of articles, blogs and videos that make up the Internet. The key to this is to create content that gives people what they’re looking for. Everyone who searches the Internet is pursuing something – products to buy, information, how-to videos, etc. It’s important to learn what your audience desires and in what format, so that you can create content specifically for their needs. Sometimes, using multiple types of content (video, articles, social media) is the most effective solution.

One way to increase the visibility of your content is to turn your website into a content hub. A content hub is a destination that displays all types of content. Here, visitors are able to find branded, curated, social media, user generated and other forms of content that’s related to a particular topic. If developing a content hub isn’t a part of the SEO strategy for your company, here are a few reasons to change your mind.

The Benefits of Using Content Hubs

Your content strategy should focus on what your target audience is looking for, and giving them plenty of it. Of course, this isn’t always simple, especially since you have a business to run. An SEO agency can be hired to help your company create content for your hub.

Here are a list of reasons why a content hub is worthy of having:

  • It establishes your authority in the industry. Consistent postings of valuable content gains the trust of visitors turning them into frequent visitors
  • It increases visibility and traffic. If you’re generating lots of quality content, search engines will rank them highly. Make sure your hub is attractive and functional to keep people coming back for more.
  • It increases engagement. Great content is meant to be read (or watched) and engaged with. A hub can foster engagement (shares, comments, purchases, etc.) that benefits your marketing efforts.
  • It gives you control over user experience. Unlike with social networks, you can control the look and functionality of your hub. You get to tailor the experience, so that your visitors enjoy using your site.
  • It gives you valuable marketing insights. You’ll have access to detailed analytics reports that can be used to direct your content marketing. You can learn what content is popular and what isn’t. Experts from an SEO company can go over the data to determine what type of content is the most effective and why.
  • It gives you diversity. Content hubs aren’t strictly blog-based. You can upload videos, audio, papers, slides, infographics and other types of digital media. This allows you to generate content that appeals to a wide array of people.

At the end of the day, owning a content hub can help to bring more qualified leads your way. Visitors frequent your hub because they find your content informational and useful. It is easier to convert the visitors into customers when they view your hub as a valuable source.

An SEO company can use your hub to create a funnel using tactics like progressive profiling, lead capture and contextual CTAs.

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