Why SEO Costs a Pretty Penny & Why It’s Worth It

In order to improve your SEO ranks on Google and other search engines you really need to pay attention to the design of your site and it’s content

There’s practical SEO and then there are companies that scam businesses. The best chance of ensuring you’re getting proper optimization for your website is to work with an agency that charges a pretty penny. Your search engine optimization strategy is key for driving success to your small business, so it makes sense to invest in it.

You can find local SEO companies charging as much as $5,000 per month, others a couple hundred dollars monthly and some everywhere else in between. You have to think of your Search Engine Optimization like buying a house or car. If a realtor or car salesman is offering rock bottom prices, the first thing you ask is what’s wrong with it.

In more cases than not, there are flaws in the product or service when you’re paying mediocre rates. In Search Engine Optimization, you can expect the quality and effectiveness of your strategy to be very low. Think of it this way – search engine optimization is content driven, but if the monthly plan is really low, then how can you expect the content to be high quality? The cost for quality content is on the higher end of the scale, but if writers are being paid chump change, then they’re pushing out unedited, non-researched content for your site.

This can lead to more problems than one for your business, for instance, it can tarnish your reputation, send bounce rates higher and push your site down in the search engine page results. Make sure the SEO company you hire for your Los Angeles business is reputable. Only the best SEO companies will charge accordingly for their services.

Here’s a closer look at why SEO simply isn’t cheap and shouldn’t be.

Link Auditing is Time-Consuming

Before SEO companies can offer their services, they need to check your website’s inbound links. If you have toxic ones, they need to be removed, so they don’t continue dragging down your rank. It’s a tedious task that you don’t want being skimped on.

Cleaning Up Links is Essential

Each and every toxic link found needs to be manually removed by the webmaster. This takes time to do because the expert has to contact site owners to have the links removed.

Penalties Can Wipe Your Site from the SERPs

Google doesn’t like sites that have toxic links. Once its robots check your site and find these inbound links, whatever high rank you have can be wiped out overnight. Working your way back up in the ranks takes more time and effort than it does to get pushed down. So make sure the service of SEO company you hire is nothing but the best!

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