Why Is Everyone Pouring Money Into Online Marketing?


If you’re like most modern-day business owners, you might be asking yourself how can I improve my business? It’s one of the most fundamental yet difficult questions keeping most of us up at night. If there was a simple answer, we would all be thriving millionaires. The bottom line is, the work required in order to run a successful business takes time, resources, patience, and most of all- it takes working with an excellent SEO agency.

Many of you may be asking yourself:

  • Specifically, why SEO?
  • What value does great SEO marketing have in the digital world?
  • How does it generate sales and actually improve my business?

All great inquiries. Now let’s get those questions answered.

Starting with the why.

To be honest, most people still scratch their heads when the word SEO is mentioned in conversation. Understandably, as it’s not a simple tool to explain. But we’ll do our best. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it directly relates to internet ranking on platforms such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, among others. SEO development is the act of improving your online ranking, so that your website, social media, reviews, and place of business appear as high as possible on the first page of search queries. In order to compete within your niche market, you need to stand out amongst the thousands of other companies and franchises all vying for the same clientele, audience, and sales. Because at the end of the day, the consumer will choose the company that presents itself to them as swiftly as possible. Your consumers are not going to spend hours or even minutes sifting through 300+ companies until they find the best one. In all likelihood, they’ll choose from 1 of the top 5 listed under their google search results.

What Value does this tool have in Digital Marketing?

Even prior to the pandemic, our world was turning digital at such a rapid rate, that most modern businesses were enduring a constant and seemingly endless marketing evolution. Admittedly, for any business owner, attempting to keep up with the latest groundbreaking digital technology, resources, and expert know-how in our digital age is no easy endeavor. Now include the global pandemic into the equation, and you have a completely changed global economy that is almost solely dependent on the internet for its survival.

That is why it has become a necessity, an integral facet of any thriving business, to place your trust is in the hands of a comprehensive digital media marketing agency that has all of the tracking metrics and tools necessary to elevate your business into a thriving, competitive enterprise. Companies that understand this will without question, rise from the ashes, grow, develop, and continue on. On the other hand and without question, the businesses that neglect this massive transition will fail. Without any indication of the global pandemic disappearing anytime soon, life, as we know it, has transitioned to a purely digital existence. Everything from online clothing shopping to food buying, housing, banking, therapy, yoga, and now education is all online. In short, investing in SEO and online marketing is an invaluable expenditure because it is the main vehicle driving your sales in today’s digital world.

How does Internet Marketing generate sales and actually improve my business?

Internet Marketing covers many bases. So to understand what feeds into the large pool of digital marketing, we’ll have to break it down by categories.


Depending on your specific company and your unique target demographic, you will need to understand which online platform has the most effect. This is all completely dependent on the accessibility to your audience base. For businesses like clothing companies or products geared towards millennials and younger customers, your main asset in marketing is social media. Because young people spend so much time every day on social media, your business will have a much larger effect in reaching those consumers by building your brand identity, trust, relatability, and following through Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, and the like. Comparatively, if you’re aiming to appeal to and reach a middle-aged or a slightly older crowd, or a more intellectually advanced demographic, your best strategy is going to be focused on improving your Google ranking for search queries, investing in written content such as articles and newsletters, email marketing, guiding people to your website, and utilizing Facebook and Twitter to cover your social media bases.

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(Refer to the SEO ranking system previously mentioned). Because Google has now become the main marking platform driving customers to your online shops and social media accounts, it is a platform that cannot and should not be overlooked. Google is to online shopping as a mall is to visiting your favorite stores. Without investing in or understanding the power that Google holds, the entire basis of eCommerce and internet marketing has no foundation. If you are a business that sells tangible goods, use Google to your advantage as a storefront which requires no monthly rent, is removed from city politics and demographics, and who’s return will only improve the more you invest in it. When it comes to finally generate sales, you’ll need a website or to be a member of an eCommerce platform that streamlines your POS (point of sale) system. Utilize invaluable online tools such as Shopify (whose stock has shot up in the last four months) to develop and maintain your online store.

Brand Identity: 

Perhaps one of the most important and undervalued asset toy our business, is curating a comprehensive, consistent brand identity. Your emphasis on gaining support from your clientele will be dependent on your brand’s likeability within your audience base, the social issues you acknowledge, your political standpoints, and more recently, your company’s environmental and racial awareness. People want to know that the brand they’re about to subscribe to is one that shares similar interests, beliefs, and concerns that they do. Removed from a purely aesthetic standpoint, consumers feel strongly moved and swayed by brands that assert where they stand on widespread global issues. Today, businesses that assert themselves as charitable, sustainable, and fair for all tend to have a much higher likeability rate, and therefore success amongst the younger generations who are radically aware of global hurdles such as racism, sexism, global warming, capitalism, clean water, indigenous rights, sustainability, and fair trade. The discernment that consumers of this generation exercise when vetting businesses is incredible. Use that awareness to your advantage. See it as inspiration to become a more involved, morally-sound company. By waging real support for these causes, you’ll have more credibility and support from your clientele. As a side note, social media such as Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Pinterest all feed into your brand’s sense of identity so it’s important that they are well-curated, relatable, and evocative. These platforms offer a priceless portal in which to reach your audience on a personal level.

Zoom, Youtube, and Instagram Live: 

Prior to the virus, understandably, not many people actually knew what Zoom was. Sure we had heard of FaceTime and Skype, but at large, Zoom was not yet a household name. Having emerged out of the virus as one of the most valuable businesses today, this platform for video conferencing has gained such value it’s almost incomprehensible. Everyone is utilizing this invaluable tool. From fortune 500 companies to mom and pop shops, to dentists and doctors, University and grade school teachers, therapists actors, and family members have all taken to videoconferencing as a means to communicate in the only way we still know how to. This tool has become an integral facet in maintaining a thriving busines, meaning that if you are a company or a resource that depends on human interaction, you’ll need to make the swift jump into utilizing this wonderful online resource. What was once used predominantly for overseas meetings and family chats, Zoom has become the new normal for communication across all industries and personal relationships. We now see the immense value and economic profit in utilizing videoconferencing to replace in-person meetings that are currently impossible to schedule. And while online meetings will perhaps never have the same effect and emotional draw that physical meetings provide, Zoom is still arguably the best video conferencing portal, a wonderful replacement for the time being, and a tool that many speculate will continue long after the crisis has left us.

So there you have it. The what, why, how, and where of digital media marketing from some of the leading experts in SEO online marketing. If you have any kind of business, now is the ideal time to invest in your company, and in digital media marketing. Find a well-established SEO agency that can take your business from surviving to thriving in a matter of months. From Los Angeles, California, We are  I Think An Idea. Check us out online, follow us on Instagram, and schedule a free consultation to begin your SEO journey today!

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