Why Integrate Videos in Your Marketing Strategy

ITAI Video Marketing

Anyone can make a video and post it on the Web. The technology and software capabilities we have access to today make this possible. SEO companies, Internet marketers, brands and businesses are all getting in on the action. You can use online video to sell products, share testimonials or even to do a bit of online reputation management. Of course, online management services can be obtained if you’re not technology-savvy.

"I Think An Idea" utilizes video content to optimize SEO for your company.

According to WebDAM, a digital-asset company, visual IQ is rising quicker than any other form of IQ. We are spending more time on digital video (1 hr 55 min) than were are on social media (1 hr 44 min). It’s no wonder why 68 percent of U.S. marketers are planning to spend more on digital-video over the next year. Brands are turning to online video for their marketing efforts because it’s known that video is an essential medium for increasing engagement now and for future audiences. Companies are also realizing the benefit of using online videos for SEO.

Now, this doesn’t mean text content will be ruled out. Numbers right now point to more traffic volume being driven by video content. A Cisco study projects that by 2019, 90 percent of Internet traffic will be from video. If this doesn’t convince you to implement online video into your marketing campaign, here are other reasons to do so.

Enhance Emotional Connection

Every marketer wants to stimulate emotion from their target audience. It’s what helps sell products, services and gain loyalty. Video does this in a way that is difficult for other mediums to accomplish. A quality 30-second commercial can be a tear-jerker or an inspiration to take action. Compelling images, narratives and audio create an engaging experience that resonates with human beings. The connection created can establish the foundation for brand loyalty.

Repurpose Content

There are a multitude of ways you can repurpose content using video. You can take an interview, narrative or artistic display and repurpose it. You can offer bonus behind-the-scenes footage to engage your audience or create spin-off marketing material using the source material. There are various clever ways you can repurpose your content for marketing. You can use it for SEO, online reputation management or to share information about your company.

Enhance Marketing and Branding Efforts

Video is a captivating medium that can be used as the driver or centerpiece of your marketing efforts. Online marketing is about having a holistic approach for building brand awareness. Tie in videos with your blogs, article syndication, PPC and social media campaigns. You can also turn your text content, images and audio into a video – another great way to repurpose existing content.

Enhance Content with Embedded Videos

Social media and blogs enable you to embed videos into your content. You can add real value to your written content by integrating videos that further address a topic. Social media channels also enable you to embed videos to share with your followers, which increases user engagement. Create a high-quality video that is useful to your audience and watch it go viral.

Longer Periods of User Engagement

If you have a video hub on your website, you can engage users for longer periods of time. People don’t mind watching more content from brands and publishers they enjoy. According to a study cited on CNN, consumers back out of a video if it doesn’t load within two seconds. So if you are planning on creating a line of videos, make sure its on a platform with excellent servers.

No matter what type of content you decide to create for your marketing campaigns, make sure that it is great quality, relevant and offers plenty of value to your target audience.

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