When No One is Listening: Powerful Insights on Why Your Marketing Strategies Don’t Work

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When you speak, you expect people to listen. And when they don’t, it can be very frustrating.

This happens all the time in the world of social media. If social media marketing is a part of

your game plan for your business or personal brand, there are some things you should know

– at least if you want to maximize chances of being heard. With the help of social media

marketing companies, you can improve these chances even more so. Social media marketing

services consist of developing an all-around strategy that focuses on the important questions

– who, what, when and where?

Effective content is crucial to get people listening!

If you already have a social media plan that you’re trying to implement, but aren’t yielding the results you desire, then it could be because of any of the following:

Your Core Message is Unclear or Non-existent

When a prospect views your Web site, social media pages or any other marketing collateral

you have, will they understand why your business is different? If your message doesn’t tell

them the value you can offer, then what will make them choose you over a competitor? It’s

important to not only have a message, but one that is straight forward. One way of doing this

is by using a marketing story about your services, products, people and processes. But make

sure to keep it short and simple!

Not Monitoring Your Efforts

With the many great analytical tools out there today, there’s no excuse not to monitor your

online marketing efforts. These aren’t only available to social media marketing companies –

anyone can harness their power. Your expectations for your online marketing should be

reasonable and backed up by what you see as you’re monitoring. Think of this process as a

long-term, gradual build up, versus making it big in one week. Keep a close eye on the

various channels you’re using so you can make proper tweaks to keep the momentum

trickling upward.

You’re Afraid to Alter the Plan

Things change – simple as that. Not everything in the marketing plan you developed months

ago is going to cut it today. If you notice discrepancies in your strategy, don’t hesitate to

remove them. Any social media marketing services provider will tell you that tweaking your

plan as you go is a part of getting great results.

You Set it and Forget it

Your marketing strategy isn’t a crock pot – you can’t put ideas into it and expect them to

eventually give you a great outcome. In most cases, marketing strategies are packed with a

bunch of guesses and a sprinkle of hard facts. Over time, these guesses will reveal

themselves to be true or false. Take the time get together and review your plan every six

weeks and renew the questions, results, goals and assumptions. This will allow you to take

advantage of new concepts and data that are brought up.

You’re Not Using Enough Tactics

To really see traction in your marketing efforts, it’s important to use multiple tactics. Using only

Facebook to reach out to prospects isn’t a grand plan. If you review the methods of social

media management services, you’ll see that they use a number of tactics, which may include

using multiple venues like Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr and so on. Social media marketing

companies are also known to implement other factors like SEO, video, slide shows and

infographics. The more ways you attack, the better your chances of conquering.

Your online marketing strategies should be well-thought-out, polished and executable.

Hopefully, these insights help you see what you may be doing wrong and what you can do

about it.

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