What’s the Connection Between the Entertainment Industry & SEO?


Many of us have been wondering what’s come of the entertainment history during the last six months of the COVID 19 global shutdown. While a large portion of collective opinion might think that film and TV have simply disappeared into thin air, in truth, the entertainment industry has been quietly positioning itself to emerge from this pandemic stronger, more creative, and with a whole new wave of norm shattering content unhinged by the current climate of the present moment. This evolution of the industry has taken shape in many unique forms, ranging from online streaming, socially distanced photoshoots, the birth of new celebrity-owned businesses, and most of all- the development of hyper-prevalent, radically honest screenwriting.

In fact, there has been tremendous online development in the film industry. While it may not look like a lot is happening, creative work is, in fact, overflowing at an unprecedented rate. With much of our time spent working from home, writers and visionaries have had the good fortune of undisrupted time to tend to their craft in a way that perhaps wasn’t attainable prior. Of course, most physical labor and productions have been put on pause until shown the green light. Seeking a method of combat for Coronavirus has been difficult, as a clearly defined course of action for this virus and the necessary safety measures continue to be subject of debate. It appears as though politics have driven a wedge in our collective guidelines, stunting our progress on all fronts.

Yet despite these very real hurdles, an unusual number of screenplays, adaptations, and creative developments have taken shape across the industry. By utilizing the invaluable resource of Zoom, entertainment professionals have been able to freely communicate and continue on at full force from home. Film commercials, plans for future shoots, remote directing and styling, and short films have all been made possible through Zoom conference calls. What’s more, the recognition that most everyone is stuck in a similar situation, doing the same things, has become the basis for a plethora of new commercials, Instagram posts, and brand campaigns. As someone in the entertainment industry, our advice is to lean into the current moment and extrapolate as much relevant content from this time as possible.


In conjunction with all of the new creative content, there has also been an emergence of many a new celebrity enterprise born out of the pandemic. Celebrities that have spread themselves across new industries and have developed businesses of their own outside of their acting careers can successfully leverage their personal influence and audience base as a serious marketing tool to reach a broad, supportive audience. This leg up, paired with the guidance of marketing strategists creates an enormous effect.


For example, a celebrity like Jessica Alba, who owns their own skincare company, has the know-how and influence that it takes to successfully develop a thriving brand in a short amount of time, and appeal to a targeted demographic that will sustain her company throughout even the most troubling of times. Switching to a purely online platform, her company, Honest, was able to steel itself during unstable waters and continue to serve its valued customers. She understands that online content and digital marketing is the most important asset she has in gaining her audience’s attention.To remain stable during this economic slowdown, Honest works with a huge marketing team and experienced Los Angeles SEO developers to achieve maximum impact and generate new leads every hour.


Because such a large portion of our lives have turned digital, now more than ever is the time to invest in online marketing and brand development. The price of online marketing and SEO is invaluable in order to gain market share and exposure needed to disrupt the top 1% of corporations dominating the market. Thankfully, with so many smaller businesses emerging out of the pandemic, dominant superpowers such as Amazon are beginning to lose considerable market share of the digital world. A comprehensive SEO strategy is now an integral facet necessary for survival in this ever-changing global economy. Search Engine Optimization tools gain your company the ranking, the exposure, and the virtual mapping necessary to have a large effect. Everything from social media curation, to targeted blog posts, creative content, writing, metric tracking, building backlinks, website development, pay-per-click ads, and more is what you can expect from a competitive SEO digital marketing agency. Every single one of the aforementioned tools continuously feed into the larger and grander scheme of your business’s brand identity. By utilizing a service whose entire purpose is to enhance your brand’s image and improve your metrics, you can effectively grow and develop a thriving business. The sooner you get started on your digital marketing and advertising, the faster you’re going to see leads, conversions, and sales.

Regardless of the size and industry of your business, now is the ideal time to invest in your company, and improve your digital media marketing. Secure a well-established SEO agency that can take your business from surviving to thriving in a matter of months. From Los Angeles, California, We are  I Think An Idea. Check us out online, follow us on Instagram, and schedule a free consultation to begin your SEO journey today!

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