What To Expect In First Thirty Days Of A Successful Marketing Partnership

SEO and Marketing Strategies

By Hugh Benjamin of I Think An Idea

While starting a new relationship with a Digital Media and SEO Agency as a business owner, you can expect to see some real ROI delivery within the first thirty days when working with a great team. What does this look like to someone just starting their digital marketing journey? Below, we’ll outline and identify some of the real results you can look forward to, as well as the promises that may be a bit overzealous right off the bat. If you start a relationship with any marketing agency that promises you a litany of results, leads, and sales within the first thirty days of the relationship, you may have some cause for concern. Your marketing agency should be as upfront and honest about what they can deliver so as to avoid disappointment or unrealistic expectations from the get-go. Here is what you can expect working with the pros:

  1. Analytics

Have a baseline metric understanding. Working with a well-versed, realistic SEO agency will provide you insight and education on your metrics systems so you can easily track progress, understand your customers and site visitors better, and streamline sales based on the evidence shown. After all, the proof is in the pudding. If you fundamentally don’t understand your online analytics, and your agency isn’t doing their part to guide that understanding, you have no basis for comprehending what drives your leads and sales from your audience base. Understanding your metrics and receiving full disclosure of your company’s current position on search engines will help you understand where your starting line is. Many people don’t even know how to find their google analytics, or how to check their metrics. You should be educated by your agency on how many conversions your company is generating from the work put in and the money you spend on this specialized form of marketing. How effective is your marketing and is it generating sales? A great agency will dive deep into all of these analytics from the start.

  1. Audits

Within the first thirty days, your digital marketing agency should be able to provide you with a full website audit that closely examines broken links, spam, insecure pages, and loading time. Audits help ensure your website is working for you, not against you. You need to be able to use your most valuable asset as best you can. Presenting an insatiable website would be like having a storefront with broken windows and a leaky roof. It would deter potential customers from entering, and cause harm to those shopping. By working with your SEO agency, you can begin to repair the larger issues that may be detracting from sales and hindering your brand identity.

  1. Keywords and Backlinks

Expect to have a comprehensive list of all the relevant keywords you’ll want to target form your agency. Knowing what keywords to rank for will guide all of your content from the very beginning. SEO agencies work with data systems that help identify what keywords are ranking the highest on the internet. By comparing those high ranking words to what your company is currently ranking for, they can develop a strategy to improve your numbers. This aspect of organic SEO is an integral facet of any great marketing strategy. Your individual company should be met with a tailored strategy that suits your unique needs and marketing goals. There is no one size fits all in marketing, after all.

  1. Social Media Strategy

Your agency should deliver a comprehensive social media strategy, mapped out with goals and intentions. Your brand identity is bred through your social media. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest are all uniquely effective social media that create awareness for your company, put you on the map, and reach a far and sweeping demographic. Brand identity is such a crucial aspect in relating to your customers on a personal level, as well as understanding your best demographic. Appealing to the right consumers and building trust within your following is your greatest asset in terms of social media.

  1. Examining your competitors

Right of the batt, your agency must assess your direct competitors and see what they’re doing in a marketing sense. What keywords or cities are they ranking for? What kind of marketing results do they garner? Once you understand your position amongst your competition, you can leverage the parts of their strategy that work, and then improve your marketing to superseded theirs.

  1. A monthly report and feedback

Without a doubt, when working with any marketing agency, you should expect to see a routine report of their efforts demonstrating results. Whether this report is every two weeks or once a month, you should expect to see a report detailing metrics, steady improvements, and areas for improvement.

The most important thing to understand when beginning any SEO and digital marketing relationship is that this unique form of marketing is a marathon, not a race. While you should expect to see results over time, be ready to wait a few months to see those marketing seeds come to fruition.


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