What Net Neutrality Means for Your Internet Marketing Campaign

Internet Marketing

“Net Neutrality. The only two words that promise more boredom in the English language are: ‘Featuring Sting'”. — John Oliver

Internet Marketing

What does Net Neutrality mean for your Internet marketing campaign? What is the impact on your SEO? How will Net Neutrality affect your Social Media marketing? What about PPC and Adwords? And the big question… What does it mean for your business’ bottom line?

By the time you are reading this, the FCC will have approved, or will be on the cusp of approving new rules governing net neutrality. These rules will regulate Internet service like a public utility and prohibit ISPs from creating tiered fast lanes on the Internet.

Translation: the Internet will stay the Internet.

Net Neutrality a Net Positive For Your Business 

The way the Internet has always worked is that every website runs at the same speed as every other website. And, under the FCC’s proposed Net Neutrality rules, that will stay the same. If you are a small or medium sized company that does a lot of business via the Internet you need to breath a sigh of relief. Net Neutrality will ensure a level playing field for your company’s website. The fear was that if the FCC had eliminated Net Neutrality businesses could have faced a reality where the internet was a rendered into a four lane information super highway with three toll roads. In this future, a big e-commerce site could have simply paid more for faster Internet access, leaving its competition in the dust. With a smart and nimble SEO service, your small website can compete with large national brands and not have to worry about loading time killing your bottom line.

loading time

Good News for Your SEO

The world of Internet marketing is built around the consumption of free content. This consumption happens over time, in multiple phases, by consumers who are hungry for information about you, your company and your product.

Someone may first discover your product through a forum post. That forum post sparks some curiosity, which leads them to a blog. A week later a discussion with their co-worker reminds them to go check out a video about your company’s product. They watch that video twice and share it on their Facebook. A month later that potential consumer checks out your website for product pricing. Two months later, right around Christmas, he makes a decision to purchase your product.

Content was the breadcrumb trail that led him to this decision. Each piece of content crafted and positioned perfectly by an SEO agency. The Internet without Net Neutrality makes content marketing that much harder and in some cases impossible. Net Neutrality ensures that content on the Internet is easy to access, easy to find, and easy to share.

Thanks to Tom Wheeler, FCC Chairman, the Internet will stay … The Internet. That is good for you.

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