What is Native Advertising?

SEO Strategy


Today’s Internet marketers have the luxury of robust data and analytics. Luck no longer has anything to do with how well your ads perform. Every part of your campaigns is backed by data, giving you valuable insights into why certain ads work and others don’t. Experts from SEO companies are utilizing this data to perfect their PPC campaigns. We now have access to real-time data about visitors and their actions. This tells an SEO company everything they need to know to make sound decisions for ad creation.

SEO Strategy

The data we have access to today can get confusing and overwhelming. An SEO agency can provide the analytical skills you lack or are too busy to use. Where you place your ads will greatly impact the outcome of your campaigns. You can place them in emails, SMS, Internet browsers and non-browser apps. Non-browser apps are a form of native advertising. It’s where most marketers’ ad spend is going towards. There are different types of native ads, but before we get into that, let’s go over what native advertising actually is.

Native ads are online content that mirror the platform they’re published on. In the past, native advertising was referred to as a paid blog or journal placement inside of a renowned publication. We see this all the time on blogs today, where a post will promote a particular product, but reads and looks like any other post on the blog. In other words, it appears to be “native” to the blog. The content in the post isn’t salesy, so it comes off as non-promotional, but is in fact a biased advertisement.

Native ads can also be referred to as unpaid content placed inside of forums and other venues. It blends in with whatever platform they are placed in. This may seem like a waste of time from a traditional marketing standpoint, since it doesn’t have a direct call to action that drives traffic to your site. However, a lot of experts from SEO agencies are creating value on forums every day.

The key is to contribute to forums regularly. You can ask questions, answer questions, start conversations or add to them. Every comment you make should add value, while at the same time blending in with the other content. This tactic still works in promoting your brand, but is done so indirectly. Think of forums like Quora and growthhackers.com.

Forum blogging can be an excellent tool if utilized correctly. Experts from SEO agencies can help you develop a plan and execute it. There are many benefits you can get in return by forum blogging, such as:

  • Visibility: Forums are public, which means anyone looking for info on a particular topic will be able to read your comments. This includes prospects, influencers and colleagues.
  • Connection: This is a more personable form of social media. It enables you to make personal connections with a more targeted audience.
  • Amplification: Forums are condensed search engines, making it easier for people to find and hear you.
  • Creative Freedom: There are no guidelines or content strategies to abide by. You can write liberally, as long as it isn’t offensive or goes against the forum’s rules.

Native advertising can also allow you to gather valuable insights about all stages of consumer development. The key is to find outlets that resonate with your brand, products and/or services. There’s no sense in posting in a forum if your target audience won’t see it. Speak with a knowledgeable SEO expert to determine whether this method would be a right fit for your company.

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