What Does FB “Dislike” Mean for Your Marketing Campaign?

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The news is spreading like wildfire – Facebook is planning to include more options than the “like” button. This is after years of people complaining about the “like” button being their only option (aside from share). The “like” button works for certain posts, but seems to be inappropriate for others. Think of the sad and bad news that your friends and family post. You want to show empathy, but don’t have time to comment, however, the “like” button just doesn’t feel right.

On Sept. 15, 2015, Facebook admitted to working on a solution to this problem. It wasn’t noted what the options would be, so it could be a “dislike”, “I’m Sorry” or something similar. This may not be such a bad thing for social media marketing companies to work with.

There are valid concerns that a “dislike” button could be used for sinister reasons. However, the insight it would provide to social media marketing services can’t and shouldn’t be overlooked. A potential “dislike” button would provide an excellent way to monitor a brand’s advertising efforts. Consumers are avid “like” button pushers, so imagine how this will change the game. You’ll know firsthand what your target audience likes and dislikes.

If a user were to “dislike” a post you created, it could mean that you’re targeting the wrong person. Or if there are many dislikes, then it likely means that your ad or content should be repurposed. This would also give competitors an advantage (they will surely be watching). When they see users disliking your posts, it will give them a heads up on what not to do. Or worse, present opportunities for them to steal fans from you.

Brand marketers are already able to display their ads to individuals based on their likes. Now, they will also be able to base it off of dislikes. So someone who dislikes a Coke ad would be served up a Pepsi ad instead. Facebook offers great data based on the activities of users. The “dislike” button would render plenty of useful data that could be used for your own Facebook ad campaigns. This presents a whole new opportunity for social media marketing companies.

If a post is disliked by a fan, it would give the brand a chance to create a conversation with the customer to potentially salvage their relationship. Savvy social media marketing companies will be able to use Facebook’s “dislike” button to get user sentiment and learn which content fans are most interested in.

There will be a multitude of possibilities should Facebook take this route. It’s truly an exciting time to be in the social media marketing industry!

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