What Brand Success Will Look Like in 2016


Digital marketing is no longer just for e-Commerce platforms. Today, we are seeing offline businesses making the shift to digital, as they realize the impact it can have on their brand. Your brand is the face and personality of your business. It’s what tells customers whether they should like, trust and buy from you. Branding is everything, and the Internet makes developing a brand simpler and more productive. Many businesses today utilize SEO companies for their local and national business branding. SEO services can be used whether or not your business is local to Los Angeles. If you haven’t already started using the Web for your branding efforts, you should look for a reputable SEO company in Los Angeles to get you up to speed.

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Here are some of the predictions for brand success in 2016.

Content Marketing Continues to Rise

What did you expect? Content is the meat of the Internet – remove that and you have an empty carcass collecting virtual dust. Businesses that utilize content marketing are able to generate 67 percent more monthly leads than companies that don’t. Any brand in its right mind will see these numbers and realize the importance of content marketing in the coming years. Traditional tactics are being thrown out and replaced with more relevant and engaging content. And if you don’t have the time to keep up with this trend, you can hire SEO companies to generate content for you.

Access to Big Data

Online marketers are using all sorts of analytics tools to track and gather important data. These tools enable us to see how well our marketing endeavors are doing on multiple levels. Big data is only going to get bigger, so it’s important to learn what to do with all of it. Careful analysis will be required to ensure that your brand is always going in the right direction. Again, an SEO company in Los Angeles can be a big help in this case.

Even More Video Content

Video content is steadily growing, with no end in sight. Consumers love it, so marketers love it too. It’s the ideal way to showcase your products and services. Brands are conforming to this trend already, implementing video content into their marketing strategy for the sake of educating and promoting to consumers. We expect to see more “how to” videos being created in the near future.

Humanization of Brands is Imminent

There’s no getting out of this one. Consumers are looking to directly interact with your content, which means more personalization. Creating content with the consumer in mind is key. Make sure your content resonates with them and offers the solution they seek. Brands that have focused on humanizing their content strategy were able to:

  • Boost sales
  • Increase user engagement
  • Enhance customer satisfaction

One-to-one marketing is here to stay.

Everyone Loves a Great Story!

Storytelling is an excellent way to make your brand stand out. It is the identity of your organization. It allows you to communicate your core message directly to consumers. Use a mix of visuals and text to excite emotions that will make consumers want to interact with your company.

Internet Ad Spends will Skyrocket

Data shows that online ads are predicted to grow by 10 percent around the globe. Mobile ads alone are going to increase by 45 percent. Because of this, online ad expenditure is expected to increase throughout 2016 and beyond. Mobile ads will allow marketers to reach specific audiences and convey their business message effectively. SEO companies are already taking the initiative to include mobile advertising in their marketing strategies. Make sure you do the same!

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