Web Design Trends to Consider in 2016

One way to get good SEO results is to keep your web design consistent and your content refreshed to engage your customers.

Web design has surely changed a lot over the years, going from bland text-ridden pages with white backdrops, to highly graphical mazes and now to a more minimalist setup. The advancement of Web development is astonishing, but there have been plenty of trials and errors in figuring out what works and what doesn’t. We’ve learned that too much graphics and animations can bog down servers and dampen the user experience.

In 2016, we are seeing an emergence of new trends, some may make it in the long haul, while others will wash away like the bland sites of 1995 did. Let’s take a quick look to see which ones you should be considering for your own Web design.

Flat Design

Yes, flat design is the term being used and it’s not exactly new. In fact, it’s been around for a few years, but has definitely evolved since its first emergence. It is the perfect design, given the various screen sizes that we now use. So you can expect this trend to stick around for years to come. Sure, it will continue to change a bit, but the overall existence will likely continue.

Background Videos

Especially those that are full screen. The surprising thing Los Angeles designers are finding is that inserting background video into their Web design actually elevates the perceived quality of their site. It’s a clever way to incorporate video in a way that doesn’t distract visitors away from the content.

Responsive Design

We’ve already been on this bandwagon for some time now, but the idea here is to implement responsive designs geared toward better performance. There are already countless brands using a responsive design, but not all of them have successfully created it to be high performance. Make sure that your mobile-friendly site is fast and organized. An SEO agency in Los Angeles can analyze your website design to determine if it needs a tune up.

More Minimalism

Today’s consumers are finding minimalistic websites to be far more attractive than those cluttered with buttons, links, images and content. Websites that use minimalist designs just happen to be more attractive to users. Since the user experience increases, so does the conversion rates. Keep a watch on the data supporting this evidence.


Just as consumers suffer from ad blindness, so shall they become sickened with content blindness. For their sake, you need to make your content and Web design stand out…in a good way. One way to do this is to instill personality into your content and possibly weaving a story to create an emotional connection with your audience.

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