Ways to Increase Your Online Sales

online sales

It can be difficult to predict how well a strategy will work. This is why it’s so important to test various methods and angles. Every great strategy has been tested numerous times. There’s always room for improvement, even for high-performing plans. Any SEO company you work with will stress the importance of running tests. This goes for ads, blogs, social media and any other content being used within a marketing strategy. Testing different approaches and formulas will help save you time and money in the long run. A professional SEO service provider can run multiple tests and analyze the data to ensure the best results. Your sales will rise exponentially, once you have found the best methods to implement.

Let’s take a look at some of the tests you can perform to boost your online sales.

Offer Only One Product On Your Home Page

The home page is your landing page. There should be no distractions when visitors come to your website. Narrow down your home page to just one product or service, so that your leads aren’t overwhelmed. The fewer products you have to offer, the less confusing it will be. Less products mean more time you can spend on each individual description. Flesh out the content with benefits, features and other information that will help sell the product.

Reposition Your Opt-in Offer

The location of your opt-in offer plays a significant role in how well it will perform. If your opt-ins aren’t generating enough emails, consider repositioning it somewhere else. The upper left hand corner of your page is a highly visible location. Or if you have a long sales letter, consider placing the opt-in on the second page, after you’ve captured the attention of visitors. By this point, you should have established your credibility with your credentials, experience and raving testimonials from past clients. Your email list can be a major money maker if you play your cards right. An SEO company can help you figure out the best placement for your opt-ins.

Implement Hover Ads

Web browsers like Google, Netscape and AOL are designing software that will automatically block pop-ups. This feature will be automatically integrated, which means all of your pop up ads are going to be useless. Pop-ups are annoying to a lot of users, but the fact still remains that pop-ups can be a marketer’s best friend. Hover ads are an exceptional alternative for multiple reasons. One, they act like pop-ups but aren’t, so the software won’t block them. Two, implementing them can really help increase your sales. Use your hover ads to display important info, such as limited-time promotions and opt-in offers. It’s easy to play around with these ads to see which ones work the best.

These are only some of the tests you can run to improve your online sales. Consider working with an SEO company to find additional opportunities to improve your website.

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