Want to Build Links to Your Website? Do Something!

Link Building

Link BuildingThe world of SEO is built around one concept: links. When SEO companies talk about links they speak in terms of attracting links, building links, earning links and disavowing bad links. A link to a site is one of the most powerful ranking factors in Google’s algorithm. Many webmasters and site owners always ask, what can I do to attract more links? The answer is really dead simple.

Do something.

By now, everyone knows that the era of buying links and participating in link farming schemes is way over. Today the best links are not built, they are earned and serve as a reward for doing something well. Often that “something” involves actively participating in your community and providing value to your community.

Here are four things you can do to earn links and improve your local SEO.

1. Sponsor a Charitable Event

Sponsor a charitable event in your community. This could be a Walk to Cure Cancer, a Habit for Humanity project, or any number of other charitable events. Most of these events have websites that provide links to sponsor websites.

2. Write a Press Release

Do something newsworthy, like sponsor a charitable event (hey, see how that works), and then write a press release about it. Be sure to spice up your press release with plenty of photos. Then send that press release to reporters in your area. Chances are that you will receive a few phone calls and requests to write articles. Newspaper articles = links.

3. Win a Contest

Local magazines blogs, magazines, and newspapers usually have some type of “10 Best Restaurants 2015” or “Best Customer Service” award. These awards translate into links across multiple websites and into shareable social content. Do a little digging and submit your business. Sometimes you earn links by simply participating in a local contest.

4. Start a Blog and Show Some Love

Add a blog onto your website and start blogging regularly. Be sure to show some link love to local businesses and websites. These could be supplier websites, or websites of related businesses, or websites for businesses owned by friends. Linking to related websites encourages those websites to link to you.

If you want links to your website you cannot just sit back and wait. You need to actively participate in your community and do things that attract links!

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