Video Marketing: Camera Shy? Here Are Ways to Work Around that

Remember when social media first hit the scene? Online marketers didn’t quite know what to do with this new venue, but they knew they had to do something. It’s the same with video marketing. It’s been around since the emergence of YouTube, yet many brands still overlook the power online video content. Consumers are watching thousands of hours of content each month, some of which are posted by brands. If you don’t already have a professional SEO service to help you create and market video content, then you’re falling behind competitors.

There are many different ways you can put video content to use. If you’re considering making video content, but want little or no face time on camera, then the following tips will be useful to you.

Do Screen Shares On Video

Tutorials are one way to draw an audience to your video content. The great thing about most tutorials is that you don’t have to be on camera to teach your viewers. You can record your screen and record your voice, providing visuals and audio instruction. This is ideal for displaying how to perform troubleshooting, operate software or perform other tasks on the computer. Some brands even use this method to show viewers how to use their products.

Use Graphics and Charts

On the other hand, if you have data to share with your audience, then graphics and charts can make up majority of the video. Like with the screen shares, you can also use voiceovers or text to explain the information. If you need help putting together your videos, you can work with a professional SEO service. You can also hire social media marketing services to help you advertise your videos once they’ve been published.

Create Explainer Video Content

These type of videos are rather short and typically consist of animations or the infamous whiteboard. Your method of delivery all comes down to the purpose of the content. In most cases, this form of video content is used for sales pitches, like what you’ll find on landing pages. These videos should be attention-grabbing and engaging to keep the viewer glued until the end.

Online video content is a must if you’re serious about your marketing. With the right services, you can create videos that aid in your online reputation management. Search for professional SEO company that can help you develop video content and promote it on the world wide web.

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