Video Ads Surpass TV for Brand Marketing Efforts


It’s been a long time coming, but companies are finally starting to take the hint. Television is no longer the prime medium for watching video – the Internet is. They are transitioning away from traditional TV ads and switching to digital means of marketing. According to AOL’s State of the Video Industry, marketers are re-prioritizing their ad spend towards digital video, majority of which is going towards video ads. An SEO company has the skill and tools to help your business make the transition, if needed. Any reputable SEO agency prides itself on having the techniques that can increase the visibility of your online video content.



In AOL’s report, ad spend for digital video in 2015 rose by 42 percent to $7.46 billion. This number is expected to more than double by 2019 to $13 billion. Numbers also reveal that mobile video ad spend increased by 18 percent since 2014. About 91 percent of agencies and brands are purchasing video inventory programmatically, while 88 percent are selling their video programmatically. This is a 37 percent increase from 2014. About 30 percent of overall agency and advertiser video budgets are being spent on branded video content.

As digital video ads grow, television budgets shrink. At least, this is the indication from AOL’s survey of 300 agencies, brands and publishers. Almost half of the buyers that increased digital video spend in 2015 said the money came from television budgets. Thirty-nine percent stated their digital spend came directly from broadcast television. This is more than double than 2012, when it was at 18 percent. Thirty-one percent stated their digital video efforts were being funded by cable TV budgets, which is up from 18 percent in 2012. Year-over-year, TV continues to be the quickest growing source of digital video ad budgets. Display comes in second.

Agencies are searching for feasible alternatives to television ads. It seems they are finally coming around to the idea of implementing online video ads into their marketing strategies. YouTube alone witnessed nine times more viewership month in and month out than the biggest Super Bowl audience…ever. It’s also important to point out that 13 to 24 year olds are watching more YouTube than television. You too can shift your marketing dollars to digital with the assistance of an SEO company.

Nine out of 10 buyers are transferring from TV to digital. On average, they are relocating 10 percent of their budgets for TV. Since 2012, there have been three and a half times more buyers shifting 11 to 20 percent of broadcast and cable TV budgets to support digital video advertising. Eighty-eight percent of this number is shifting to other forms of videos for desktop, mobile and over-the-top. Sixty-three percent said they would be spending on desktop video, while 55 percent is redirecting spend to mobile video.

Online video is gaining momentum pretty quickly, being used for advertising, online reputation management, and user engagement. SEO companies have the expertise to make this an effective mission for your business or brand.

According to eMarketer, programmatic video is popular. About $700 million was spent on programmatic video by advertisers and publishers. It’s expected that this will triple by the end of the year, to $2 billion. Video ads are known to perform well and they allow companies to tell stories about their brands in mere seconds. Think of Budweiser’s Lost Dog Super Bowl ad.

It’s exciting to see the shift to digital video, especially for experts at SEO companies who have spent countless years creating and promoting online content. It looks like 2016 will continue this trend. Make sure your brand is taking advantage of the benefits online video ads can reap for your business.

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