User Generated Content: The New Key to Digital Marketing

User Generated Content

User Generated ContentLet’s take a look at how an SEO company like I Think an Idea utilizes user generate content in order to greatly increase the visibility of a client. User generate content is any form of digital media generated by the users of a website. This content comes in the form of a wide variety of media including images, blog posts, videos, social media posts, and much more. As we move into a period of social media dominance over the digital domain, it is important that we fully understand the impact that user generated content has on the digital marketing process.

User generated content accounts for a large portion of the overall structure of many social networking sites. For example, nearly all of the activity on a site like Youtube is generated specifically by users. The implication of this fact is that digital marketers must capitalize on user generated content if they are to fully utilize the potential of massively popular social networking platforms such as Youtube and Twitter.

Social media marketing companies like I Think an Idea craft comprehensive marketing plans that focus on generating user buzz. Administrator based digital marketing is highly important to the success of a business, however this type of marketing can only go so far. User generate content marketing strategies are capable of disseminating information in the digital world much faster than administrator based marketing activity. Think of the process in the same way that you would think of a flu virus. The goal of the flu virus is to replicate as fast as possible. If the virus is never picked up by another individual then it will not spread. Imagine however if the original carrier spreads the flu to a large crowd of people. These people will likely pick up the virus and it will begin to spread exponentially faster than if it remained with the original carrier. The same is true for digital marketing campaigns. If the campaign is generated by the administrator only it can only go so far, but once it is picked up by other users it can begin to spread faster and faster until nothing can stop it. That is the power of user generate content, and that is why it is the new key to digital marketing.

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