Top Marketing Trends for 2016


Internet marketing is ever-evolving, volatile and sometimes a bit complex. You know the benefits of using SEO for your Los Angeles company or brand, but how you implement it is always changing. It’s important to keep up with the times, as new methods emerge. It’s time to explore the future online marketing trends, so you can make an informed decision of whether to comply or ignore them. Trust, ignoring the wrong trends could place you at the wrong end of the spectrum. You should consult with an SEO agency in Los Angeles to determine how to approach your Internet marketing strategy moving forward.

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All in all, online marketing shows great promise for 2016, some trends being predictable, while others a bit far out. Let’s take a look.

Video Ads Will Begin its Quest for Domination

We already see video ads all over the place, especially on social platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Bing. YouTube hosts billions of videos and the other two are now offering video options to advertisers. The game changer for 2016 is Google, which is planning to utilize in-SERP video ads. This tells us that people are becoming more comfortable with the idea of online video ads. Don’t be surprised to see video ads popping up in odd places around the Web.

App Indexing Means More Apps

App indexing is already available on Google, but it’s expected that 2016 will be the year app rankings will go into full effect. Once this happens, businesses will see how dedicated apps can be leveraged for SEO. Websites with responsive designs are appealing to the mobile crowd, so imagine what will happen once apps are put at the front and center. Applications can do everything a website can do, but is more convenient, intuitive and accessible. Expect to see more businesses hiring SEO companies in Los Angeles for app development.

Mobile Will Render Desktop Obsolete

Mobile has already outpaced desktop traffic in 10 different countries. In 2016, it’s predicted that mobile will completely dominate desktop. This year, Google released an algorithm called Mobilegeddon, which will phase out websites that don’t have a responsive design. However, if you choose to create a full-on mobile website without a desktop counterpart, your site won’t be penalized. That says a lot about the direction Google and mobile users are taking us.

Digital Assistants Will Continue to Rise

Digital assistants may very well change optimization and everything we’ve grown to know about it. SEO and PPC ads are the preferred method of funneling traffic to your website. However, digital assistants, such as Cortana and Siri, are changing how people search for content. Digital assistants only use traditional search engines when required to find certain info. People are able to get answers to their questions from these assistants without visiting a website. We’ll have to keep a close eye on this one!

Virtual Reality is Finally Here

It’s been a long time coming, but virtual reality has finally made it. Not surprisingly, it’s being utilized in the gaming industry, as well as for some general use purposes. But with Oculus Rift on the horizon, virtual reality is going to cross over to the World Wide Web. It is a VR device that’s scheduled to drop in the beginning of 2016. It will open the door to a new medium for online advertising, with the implementation of social media, video channels and other types of direct messaging. This could be a fad that will fizzle then fade, or it could be a peek into a more virtual future.

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