Top 5 Online Reputation Management Tools

Reputation Management Tools

If all that you remember from high school is the fragile nature of reputations, you are in the right mindset to succeed with your business. Reputations are flexible and can change at a moment’s notice. One bad review, dissatisfied customer, or angry competitor can upset your reputation in more ways than you realize.

Your reputation comes from your website content, blogs, articles, social media profiles, employee contacts, and your web design and layout. These are the things people look to as indicators of your professional reputation. If they don’t like what they see, they will assume that you aren’t right for the job and simply move on. Stop losing customers by implementing these five online reputation management tools every SEO agency recommends:

1. Employee mentions can be tracked via Me on the Web, an application from Google that notifies an organization every time personal information shows up online from employees, management, and other staff members. This can ensure that your employees aren’t damaging your reputation, either knowingly or otherwise.

2. Trackur is a tool that allows you to see what people see when they perform a Google search of your name or input your name into a social network search. It will let you know whether these people are industry leaders or if it’s just chatter.

3. Social media monitoring tools like BrandWatch and BrandsEye, or others offered by your chosen SEO agency are critical. These will help you monitor your reputation on social media and with SEO, and some offer competitive analysis as well.

4. Google Alerts: A basic, free service from Google that allows you to track your company name or other terms. You will receive emails based on mentions of the word or phrase that you requested to track telling you where and when you were mentioned.

5. A professional SEO agency is a great tool to have on your side for reputation management. These firms are experienced with social media and internet marketing and they know how to get your brand noticed in all the right ways. They can even help combat negative information or posts with positive posts, helpful resources, SEO, testimonials, and more.

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