Tips & Tricks to Get Influencers to Share Your Content


Your content is meant to be shared, if it isn’t, then your content marketing strategy is utterly failing. There are different methods for reaching your intended audience, some requires the help of influencers. Connecting with influencers in Los Angeles and around the nation should be a top priority for your SEO and social media strategy. If you’ve had a content marketing strategy developed by an SEO company in Los Angeles, then it more than likely includes reaching out to influencers and posting outreach content. You can work with an SEO service in L.A to help derive a content marketing and influencer outreach strategy for your brand.

Why are influencers so important? Because they have done something you have yet to do – amass a large following of loyal fans within your industry. Networking with influencers means you can potentially have your content displayed on their blogs or tweeted on their accounts, which in turn drives more traffic to your site. Even just a mention of your brand can help build awareness for your business.

Influencers are very important, especially in the beginning phases of building a brand. But even the more established companies can use a helping hand every now and then – like when they are trying to reach a new audience or revive their own influence in the marketplace. Influencers can feature your guest posts, mention you, write on your blog or interview you for their own piece to be published on their platforms.

The best relationships with influencers are those that are mutually beneficial. Influencers are bombarded with messages every day, and they know why. They understand their worth and the benefits they can provide to others looking to shine light on their brand. But what’s in it for them? Some will do it out of the goodness of their heart simply because they like your product or service. But in most cases, you will need to make an offer that’s difficult to refuse – that’s if you want to stand out from the hundreds of emails and DMs they receive daily.

It’s time to start doing some research to learn who the influencers are in your industry. Once you have generated a solid list, use the following tips.

Begin Sharing their Content

One way to get the attention of influencers is to do for them what you want them to do for you – share content. Look for the platforms they’re most active on and begin sharing their posts on your wall. Follow all of the influencers using a social media dashboard, so you can easily see their posts and can retweet or share their content on the fly. You should say something in each of the shares, so it doesn’t seem like you’re just hitting the share button over and over. Add some insight or give your opinion and feedback regarding the topic.

Make Comments On their Content

You can also comment directly onto their social media posts and blog content. Most pay attention to the comments they receive, so this may get you noticed. Just make sure your comments are insightful and spur conversation or answer valid questions. This will also get others to engage and could potentially earn yourself some followers.

Ask to Contribute a Blog Post

Guest writing for a popular blog is a big win that is surprisingly easy to achieve. Most influencers are very busy and have little time to put into their own blog. Getting help with writing posts benefits them and their readership. Make sure you query about writing on a topic that their audience would find useful. You can check the guest submission guidelines on their website or send a DM or email to inquire about guest writing opportunities. This is something reputable SEO agencies in Los Angeles are great at – getting your content posted on high-quality sites.

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