Tips for Catering to Mobile-Focused Customers


Remember back when we had to decide whether we wanted to create a mobile version of our websites? Well, those days have long gone, and now we have to focus on websites and marketing strategies that are focused on both. Responsive Web designs can be created for your Los Angeles business, helping to attract all users and potentially boost your conversions. This is a service that an Internet marketing agency in LA can offer, along with social media management services and SEO. You’ll find that a lot of SEO agencies in Los Angeles are recommending mobile marketing to their clientèle, because of the major shift from desktops towards smartphones and tablets.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a business or brand – if your main concern is boosting traffic, then you have to pay attention to the devices used by your audience. Both young and old consumers are adopting mobile devices as their primary methods for browsing the Internet.

But even with data showing more people using mobile devices over desktops, there are still many businesses measuring the cost per acquisition for desktop and mobile devices separately (according to a recent Think with Google report). The reality is – there’s no separating the two.

Numbers from Google/Nielsen data shows that smartphone consumers are using the Web to make purchasing decisions. In the data, it shows that 57 percent of them are more likely to visit a store, 51 percent are more likely to buy and 39 percent are more likely to contact the company.

The following methods can be used to help connect with your mobile customers and potentially boost your conversions. A professional SEO service provider may be able to help boost the mobile marketing for your LA company.

Don’t Just Look At Mobile Sales

Mobile device shoppers use different methods to make a purchase. Sometimes, they decide to call in, visit the store or use their laptop. Make sure you’re measuring all points of contact to determine sales and the success of your marketing campaigns.

Pay Attention to Micro-Moments

The information gathered from mobile users’ micro-moments can be very telling about their intent and motivations. Make sure you’re collecting feedback from multiple departments to learn more about your customers.

Keep Track of Calls and Application Downloads

It makes sense that mobile users are bound to contact your company via phone. It’s fast and convenient. Make sure you’re measuring phone calls, especially those that consist of sales. These should be included in your data for mobile conversions. The same with app installs – measure those and see how many are converting via the app.

Try these simple tips to help give your mobile marketing a boost. When in doubt, you can consult with an SEO service in Los Angeles.

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