Things You Should Know Before Designing a Mobile App

Mobile apps are all the rave today, so it’s no surprise that a lot of website owners and businesses are looking to get in on the fun. Creating an app version of your services is an excellent way to draw in prospects and even current customers. But building one from the ground up takes time and careful planning – at least, if you want it to be successful. You can consult with an SEO agency in Los Angeles about the creation of the app. Local SEO services will be necessary for helping your app get ranked in places like iTunes and GooglePlay. If you’re just planning out your Web design for your Los Angeles business, this would also be a good time to consider an app. Some SEO firms offer Web and app development services.

If this is your first time building an app for your small business, the following tips may be beneficial.

Choosing an App Idea

The type of mobile app you can build depends on the business and industry you’re in. But if you have multiple ideas for your app, don’t shy away from trying more than one. There are some brands who have successfully pushed out multiple apps. Think of it like a single – you never know which one will be a hit. Be patient after releasing each app. It normally takes four to six months after your launch to see how it’s faring in the market (unless it’s an instant hit).

Building Your Mobile App

The next step, which an SEO agency in Los Angeles can help you with, is to begin the planning phase. Write down your app idea in a clear, in-depth fashion. Prototypes can then be created by the app developer. He or she will need clear requirements for the creation, so that you can get an accurate demo of your idea.

Is a Mobile Website a Good Idea?

You may come across the idea of developing a mobile version of your website. Although it sounds like a good concept, it doesn’t really add any value to the customer. If you’re worried about your website appealing to mobile device users, then you need to focus on building a responsive web design. Apps should be unique. For instance, a bank app would allow users to log into their accounts and access certain functions that would be convenient while on the go.

Inhouse team vs Outsourcing

Most app development is outsourced to a third-party agency. It’s typically more economical. There’s no time spent on searching for and hiring talent. Outsourcing to an SEO agency in Los Angeles can speed up the process of creating an app, so you can get it out to market as soon as possible. The time it takes to develop and maintain an in-house team will just slow everything down.

Submitting an App to the Market

Once you have your app ready for launch, it’s time to prepare it for upload. You will either submit it to the Apple App Store or the Android market, depending on what devices your audience has. If you have an audience in both markets, then you may want to consider creating an app for both devices. There is an annual app store fee you have to pay – it’s $99 for Apple and Google charges $25. Your developers can handle the actual upload of the app to the store.

An SEO agency can help decide the promotional deals for the app release. Some decide to offer the first 100 downloads free or free downloads for the first week. Discounts and other freebies can be used to help increase downloads as well.

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