The Importance of Web Visibility

Online Visibility Impacts Your SEO Strategy

Online VisibilityImagine that a group of friends has decided to meet for a fun night out on the town. They decide that they are going to get something to eat, see a movie, and perhaps go out for some drinks afterwards. Before embarking on their night of fun they take a moment to think of exactly which businesses they are going to patronize. It is likely that in a scenario such as this, each of the individuals in the group of friends would be carrying a smartphone with internet connectivity. This means that the easiest way to determine which restaurants and bars in town are the best of the best would simply be to open their phones and begin to search the web for information and reviews.

This scenario reveals game changing implications for businesses that do not understand the importance of web visibility. Simply put, any business that is not openly visible on the web will experience a dead weight loss in this scenario. Keep in mind also that even if a business has made an effort to place themselves on the web, that does not mean that they are visible to the group of friends. Studies are beginning to show that consumers are becoming more and more impulsive. They want results fast and the speed of information has increased exponentially with the expansion of social media and other digital platforms. This has created the ultimate sink or swim environment, and you do not make yourself into a shark of the digital sea you are likely to get eaten pretty fast.

Companies around the world are beginning to understand the importance of cultivating a strong internet presence. Business owners who operated their marketing campaigns strictly through television and radio are beginning to look to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter in order to expand their customer base. The truth of the matter however is that simple social media accounts are not enough to survive in the new frontier of digital marketing. Digital marketing takes grit and determination, and most importantly the professional knowledge that comes with years of experience working in the digital marketing industry.

Take for example I Think an Idea. I Think an Idea is digital marketing agency that offers SEO services, online reputation management, social media marketing direction, and a various other marketing tools. The digital marketing experts at I Think an Idea have helped companies reach record numbers in customer traffic and have also helped to exponentially expand the growth of small businesses and large firms alike. SEO companies like I Think an Idea are becoming the most vital tool in the effort to wrest control of the digital realm. When it comes to web visibility, professional marketing services are an absolutely essential factor in determining whether a company stands out amongst the crowd or gets left in the dust. Next time a group of friends decides to look to their smartphones for advice on where to spend their hard earned money, it’s important that the first company they see is your company.

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