The importance of video marketing for your business in 2019


Video marketing is often considered as an accessory to add to all the communication-marketing tools of a company.



All digital marketing professionals agree that native advertising is the future of internet marketing. Video is the preferred format because it is more engaging than an intrusive classic video provided you design it well and think about the most original way of integrating it into your communication media.


We do not always have time to watch long videos. Videos that last about 20 seconds are shared much more often than those that are 30 seconds or 1 minute if not longer. The appearance of Snapchat and its short ephemeral videos has, in part, conditioned the way of consuming video content.


Users spend more and more time watching live video. 20% of the videos consulted on Facebook are Lives. Brands should follow this trend and double their creativity to stay visible and interact intelligently with their community.


As you can see, video advertising must be an integral part of your overall marketing strategy. It becomes the standard of Internet users in their purchasing process, especially when it comes to informing about the product, evaluate it, and appreciate it at its fair value. Video marketing is part of an inbound marketing strategy that must take into account the evolution of users’ consumption habits by offering informative, creative, and engaging content.

Commandment 1. More useful and interesting, less advertising

What value does the channel bring to your customers? If you continuously release commercials, then subscribers will begin to leave the channel, and new ones will appear less and less. This is due to the fact that the vast majority of users of the site use it for training.

Therefore, try to interest the audience with expert opinions, reviews, and simply informative videos. When making commercials, release them in a story format. They can be funny, sentimental, or just interesting.

Commandment 2. Test different cover formats

The cover is the first thing a user sees when bumping into a video. Accordingly, the first “station” where the conversion goes is covered that are unsightly for people. The right preview should be intriguing or even provocative. But do not forget that it should correspond to the content.

Here are some simple tips.

A photo of a person attracts much more attention, all other things being equal.

Use pictures or stills that reveal content but retain intrigue.

Use text. Do not overdo it: you need to fit everything you need into a few words.

Use fonts that will read well. Do not forget that initially, the user will see a thumbnail.

Examples of good covers:

Commandment 3. Use Quality Equipment

Resolution, sound, editing- viewers are becoming more demanding on their quality. Therefore, exclude:

  • Resolution below 720p;
  • Background noise on the audio track;
  • Hastily made transitions between frames.

YouTube provides recommendations for bitrate, video codec settings, and so on. The choice of programs for installation depends on the tasks and experience in this area. You can use music in three cases:

  • If it is posted on a free stock, for example, Free Music Archive, youtube Music Library and the like;
  • If it is purchased on a paid stock, or permission is obtained from copyright holders;
  • If it is written to order specifically for your company.

Commandment 4. To ask is not a shame

Behavioural factors are one of the most important components when ranking videos on YouTube. The system recognizes whether your videos are liked by the audience – and changes their position depending on this indicator. Your task: to help her understand that the content has firmly taken its place in the hearts of people.

Commandment 5. Use multiple sites to advance.

You can achieve the greatest efficiency from the video if you advertise it on other channels and sites. In addition, YouTube itself is not a lead generation tool: it leads “heated” people to a site where they spend one third more time than others. Therefore, videos must be announced in all their communities. Include the most interesting ones in your email newsletter.

Commandment 6. Show the “kitchen”

Why are open-air restaurants so popular? People are interested in how they create what they are used to seeing in the final version. The advantages of this format:

  • Positive impact on audience loyalty;
  • Increased confidence: if the brand has nothing to hide, then it’s doing well;
  • This trend is gaining momentum, so those who manage to catch the wave will get more than the rest.

Show how serious experts are joking at each other, smiling, discussing seals – this will bring together the presenters and the audience. If you are promoting an offline business, then show how your employees relate to their work. It works under any circumstances.


Commandment 7. Intrigue

Studies show that the viewer loses interest starting from 10 seconds. Many switch the video before. How to avoid this?

Control the duration of the clip. Video with an emphasis on informational content – 10 minutes, commercial – 1-2. Attract attention from the first seconds. If you are planning an interesting denouement, then be sure to hint at it in the cover. If the video involves some kind of enumeration, then voice it in the introduction.

Commandment 8. Communicate with the audience

The best communication format is streams (live broadcast on YouTube, Twitch and so on). If for some reason you cannot organize them, then listen to the comments and reviews, as well as respond to them. If viewers repeat the same questions that cannot be answered in a nutshell, then record this video – subscribers will appreciate it. What are the benefits of this solution?


Following these tips, you will build a strong base that will allow you to form hypotheses, test them and make videos more effective. But do not forget that the most important part is the content. No matter how much you bother with production and promotion, if your videos are not interesting, then they will not be watched.

If you’re curious to know more, our digital marketing experts will be happy to advise you on the best video marketing strategy to adopt.

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