The Coolest Website Design Techniques

web designUgly Website Syndrome is a serious condition that plagues thousands upon thousands of businesses. Yet the worst part of UWS is that you may not even know that you have it. How can you expect to enter the recovery period when your website design isn’t even on your mind? The bottom line is that this is a serious condition, and if a cure is not found soon, this illness could spread far and wide. And when that happens, the world will soon forget what a beautiful website can do for their businesses and the wonderful user experience that can be had from potential website traffic.

Web design is an art form, a process that takes finesse and grace. It takes an innate ability to understand the user and the kind of things that will attract them. One must be able to create beautiful digital landscapes that draw in traffic and create an incredible experience for their visitors.

The coolest websites on the web use certain design and functionality techniques that maximize this experience. When users find the most value on your pages and can truly benefit from the contents, SEO and web presence is drastically benefitted.

So for all of you budding web design lads and gals out there, what are the coolest website design techniques?

  • Keep it clear above all:

One of the biggest sins committed by businesses with UWS is that they don’t keep the message of their website clear. It should be a simple matter for a user to understand what your page is about, and it should only take them seconds to do so. If it takes longer than that people will get bored and move on.

Make it easy for the message of your website to be clear and concise, and easy to be conveyed in a short amount of time. That way, value for your website is gained almost instantaneously.

  • Visuals that stun:

Aesthetically speaking, your website needs to stand out something fierce. People should click on your site and be able to go from top to bottom, page to page and like what they see. Complexity isn’t what it’s all about. It’s about being pretty. It’s about being well-organized. It’s about looking great.

You need to make sure that the site flows well, that everything is spaced symmetrically, and that the details are precise. Website design that is riddled with UWS simply throws some information on a page and hopes that you need their product enough to grit your teeth and search through their horrendous site trying to find what you need.

In order to keep your customers satisfied, and to turn potential customers into real ones, make sure that your site is pleasing to the eye. Make it sexy!

  • Give it some personality:

There is nothing worse than a website that looks like a template was used to throw it together. Gross! That is one of the dead giveaways that your web design is hindered by symptoms of Ugly Website Syndrome. Uniqueness is an important factor when undergoing website design that pops.

When you hire someone to do your website design, make sure they have experience designing unique, custom websites that really stand out.

Have your web designer use their imagination to give you a stunning site that is all your own. Everyone surfing the web is looking for websites that stand out and draw them in. So do just that and you’ll be successful!

  • Get them involved, get them talking:

Any SEO manager will tell you that one of the best ways to boost your ranking is to create a conversation in which you are the center and the instigator. When you have content and information that engage people in a big way, they’ll be more inclined to start a conversation, and bring people in on it.

When people are talking about your website that means they’re most likely talking about your business. And that’s some straight up exposure right there. It’ll even do wonders for your SEO. Creating an audience for what you do can do magic for your marketing and branding efforts…so get them talking!

Do you suffer from Ugly Website Syndrome, and are looking for a cure to the disease that is terrible website design? Well, we have the cure. I Think An Idea will inject your digital body with a dose of sexiness that is sure to stand out to your current customers, and the ones you haven’t made yet.

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