The 8 Digital Marketing Trends For 2020

Digital Marketing

Due to lack of time and limited resources, marketing often remains a challenge for small businesses that are focused on their operations. Yet marketing is a set of methods and tools that can analyse its market, position its offer and promote it. How to take advantage of marketing to stand out and expand your customer base when you are a small business? Here is a review of the five marketing trends in 2020.

  1. Branding & Creativity

We cannot say it enough, the brand image is your first ambassador! In a world as noisy as it is today, it is essential to have a strong identity and a unique way of differentiating yourself in your sector.

Successful brands take the place they want to occupy and do not hesitate to invest in their visibility and image. Do not forget that people buy above all with their eyes and emotion. If you manage to establish a strong image with creative content and an original and striking com concept, you are already sure to be noticed.

Do not hesitate to call on professionals to assist you in the development of this crucial step.

  1. Quality Content

The advertisement is DEAD! Advertising as we have always known it is on the verge of dying, at least for small businesses. Awareness campaigns whose sole purpose is to maintain a name present in the minds of consumers are valid for major brands.

We have often seen advertising agencies sell brand awareness to a small business and an SME on mass media. It’s absolutely useless, the return is zero, it costs horribly expensive and it’s like making a bonfire with its advertising budget. How can a small business or an SME claim to attract attention in a media world overloaded with information, advertising and other content without having a reputation already established?

It’s impossible or very expensive! In both cases, there are more suitable and effective solutions. Create content related to your product or service, meet the needs of your customers and educate them to your solution.

  1. Sponsored advertising (facebook)

The organic reach of publications on social media is in free fall, so-called “dark posts” are affecting fewer and fewer people. The reason is simple, social media is overloaded with content of all kinds and the constant noise on the web makes it very difficult for the natural or organic visibility of your content.

So you have to go to paid advertising and the precise targeting of your audience.

Beware, the Facebook or Google advertising interface is quite complex and to maximize the implementation of your Social Media strategy, I can only advise you to take advice from professionals.

  1. The video

The video format is gaining more and more importance over the static image format, so it is very important to use it. Today, with a simple smartphone, we get 100 times better image quality than with pros cameras 15 years ago, it would be a shame to deprive ourselves of it.

Regardless of the fact that it is “simple” today to produce video content, the reason people are more sensitive to it is logical. The static image does not create a “sequel” or suspense, it does not captivate the attention, and what we want us is to capture the attention.

A video should be viewed in its entirety to discover the substance of its content and the moving image has the faculty of being entertaining, unlike the static image that we do not even see so much our daily horizon is overloaded.

Another important element, our media have now changed media! Television has become our smartphones and tablets and television serves as home radio.

If you take into account that 80% of people use their smartphones as a TV screen, the choice of video format is obvious 😉

  1. The stories (Instagram)

The story format combines for me two things that are totally in the wind right now. The inevitable video format is the “reality show”. Why do people watch stories? Simply because they enter the intimacy, in the privacy of the individual. It’s a form of curiosity and voyeurism and it’s not new. Stories allow you to attract attention, arouse curiosity around you, and if you use them well, you can create your own series or TV Reality.

  1. Voice search

Say SIRI, you know? Well we are going more and more towards that! Already that writing on a sheet becomes something rare, soon typing on a keyboard will be vintage. The fact is that this evolution is unavoidable and very practical in some cases.

How to prepare? Imagine that your potential customer is looking for something related to your offer, how will he formulate his request by voice? How would you make your request if you were him?

Based on that, create the titles of your different content as these formulations or in response to these questions? Even if artificial intelligence is developing fast, as powerful as it is, if you simplify the work, you will have a good chance of appearing in the first results. Even if it is artificial, the main proof of intelligence is to go to the simplest no?

  1. The audio content

Always in the context of the changes of media of the traditional media, the formats must be mobile and accessible from everywhere. How and when do your customers or potential customers consume content? Do they have time to read at any time of the day?

  1. The chatbots

After-sales service can sometimes be time-consuming and can be as painful for you as it is for your customer. Chatbots can automate a large number of answers to the most frequently asked questions, FAQs. This tool can simplify your life and save you many hours by phone or email.

Do not forget that these chatbots are becoming more and more present among your competitors and therefore your customers are already used to them. They save time and money for you and ease of access and use for your customers.


Be constant! It takes between 6 and 8 views of an ad or name today to identify what it is about and finally get interested by clicking on the call to action. People buy what is known above all, so opt for a permanent presence, make sure to be seen as much as possible, be omnipresent!

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