The 10 Commandments of a Successful Digital Marketing Relationship

Digital Marketing Relationship

Often in our line of work, we encounter clients who grapple with control when it comes to their digital marketing strategy. This quality makes any marketing relationship cumbersome, as qualified digital strategists bring to the table years of experience and expertise needed to garner real results. When clients have a difficult time relinquishing control or slowing the overhaul of outdated systems on their backend, they end up shooting themselves in the foot. If your brand decided to pay for an expert marketing team to come in and evolve their company and generate a positive marketing ROI, leave it to the professionals to do the job right. Here are things to be aware of when setting out on a new marketing relationship

  • They’ll need access 

When you start your new marketing relationship with your SEO digital media agency, make sure that you provide them with all the necessary passwords and logins that will allow them access to do their job. Without the ability to get into the backend of your platforms such as your website or social media, the marketing strategy can become quickly stunted leaving you and the marketing team frustrated. From day one you should provide them with an organized spreadsheet of passwords and logins as well as grant them access to any and all mediums they’ll be improving.

  • Don’t skimp on the necessities 

More often than not, we see businesses conserve their funding in areas of their digital marketing that need the most work. Invaluable tools like social media, website development, and brand identity are left out of the budget even though these tools contribute heavily to the success of a business. Yet most companies will gladly spend money on expensive pay-per-click advertising or commercials while neglecting some of the most integral parts of full-bodied marketing.

  • Be realistic with your marketing budget 

Before starting the digital marketing relationship, make sure you have a good understanding of the kind of budget required to meet your marketing goals. Work with your team to arrive at a healthy understanding of your marketing vision and your scaling needs before committing to the relationship. The last thing you want is to be let down by the level of work being done due to an unrealistic budget. Your company should be able to afford the price required for the work needed, otherwise, you’ll have to abandon those high expectations altogether and both parties will be let down, with time and resources wasted in the process.

  • Communicate reasonably 

When communicating with your marketing team, remember that there are real people behind those emails and phone lines and that those people should be communicated with reasonably and amicably. A great way to ruin a marketing relationship is by casting insults, anger, and poor language at the people trying to help your business. Recall the power of good, healthy communication and lead with that.

  • Remember that you’re not their only client 

Most top marketing agencies in Los Angeles have their hands full with multiple clients. They are juggling multiple accounts and dealing with many different personalities, needs, and deadlines. Remember this before sending hundreds of emails or calling incessantly when you need an edit made or an update completed. Group all of your requests into one or two concise emails or meetings. Address all of your questions and issues in a succinct fashion so as to not overwhelm your agency. Patience is a virtue!


  • More money means more results 

Generally speaking, the higher your budget is, the more results you will garner. If you want your marketing team to prioritize your business above others and get top quality work, you’ll have to pay the price. By expanding your marketing budget you can generally see results faster and with a farther-reaching impact.

  • Pivoting is part of the process 

Because digital marketing is not a “one size fits all” game, oftentimes marketing agencies will develop a strategy and follow it for a month or two to see its success rate. Utilizing in-depth analytics software, marketing agencies can easily understand whether the current strategy is effective or not. If there are changes to be made, there is flexibility to be had! Pivoting is just another reality of digital marketing. Don’t be alarmed if your marketing team comes to you with a fresh perspective, surprising marketing ideas, or a new direction altogether.

  • It’s a marathon, not a race 

Like watering a garden, SEO and digital marketing are a long term game. No great SEO strategy happens overnight, rather it takes time, energy, and fertilization for your marketing goals to come to fruition. Be patient, trust the experts, and nurture those marketing seeds!

  • Don’t underestimate the power of social media 

Perhaps one of the most vital and cost-effective methods of marketing today is social media. If your digital marketing agency expresses concern over your current social media strategy or has innovative ideas for elevating your media presence, listen to them. Don’t question their advice on social media. As a relatively new industry in marketing, social media is not managed well by novices in the field and is a precarious medium that should only be handled with the utmost care, consistency, and creative consideration.

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