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I created my original website using a template. Although I was proud of myself, nothing on the site was working the way I wanted and no one, other than me, could find my website, I was completely frustrated. At one point I was thinking that there is no way I can have a successful online business.

I hired I Think an Idea to redesign my site, market it online and consult me on how to get more sales. They created a site that attracted more customers and gave me advice such as creating an 800 number and other functions like the inquiry form (my favorite). With the inquiry form I just get all these inquiries in my mail box from potential clients and all I have to do is call them back and sign them up for my service. Within a short period of time my business increased over 60% and the advice they gave me made a huge impact on my business. I started getting clients like corporations and higher level clients. I actually needed hire an assistant to help with my business.

I would definitely refer I think an idea to anyone who wants to grow their business online.