Tactics to encourage customer reviews


The vast majority of customers believe that Google reviews published by outsiders are trustworthy as personal recommendations. How can companies encourage customers to leave a review for them on Google?

The surprising 97 percent of customers depend on online reviews to make a purchase decision. Google reviews build and isolate the brand’s reputation, helping customers make a decision for you. In fact, a new research showed that Google review stars form social proof for your brand, increasing your site’s CTR by over 35%.

No wonder, the reviews are among the first on the list of Google’s 2019 ranking factors. The Google algorithm gives nothing to sites that have the highest rating.

Google is the fastest-growing review site that gets the most reviews compared to other platforms. Therefore, companies cannot afford to ignore the role of genuine and regular Google reviews in building a solid online reputation. In addition, the reviews provide valuable information and measurable information about the target audience.

Read on to learn some tested Google reviews, generating additional tips to improve search engine rankings, and positively influence customers’ buying decisions.


  1. First of all: provide a kick-ass service

The importance of customer service in the field of business cannot be underestimated. A McKinsey study reveals that 70% of shopping experiences are dictated by how customers feel treated. Offering excellent customer service will not only make you stand out from the crowd but will also encourage people to defend your brand online by writing reviews and recommendations for you. Do your job well!

Make sure your staff has a good knowledge of the product and is expert in treating customers well. Amazon is at the forefront of providing exceptional customer service. The e-commerce giant is known to have the most favorable return policies for the customer industry

  1. Simply ask

One of the easiest ways to get Google reviews is to ask. Train staff, in particular, customer-facing roles, to ask customers for their opinions and feedback. Also, simplify the process by providing clear bullet-point instructions with links, encouraging customers to leave a review. Observe how Anker, the world leader in the electronic goods industry, uses these Happy/Not Happy cards to encourage their customers to review their products. The card is aimed at satisfied and unhappy customers, telling them what to do next.


Here are some ways you can encourage your customers to review your business on Google.


Conversing with a satisfied customer in your store? Have you just contacted a customer’s concern for a support call? Use these pleasant customer interactions as an opportunity to request Google reviews.


A personalized email campaign is an effective way to get more Google reviews. Keep the language in a simple and specific email. You can also use revision management tools to automate product review invitations.

Leave cards behind

The leave-behind cards attached to the products can remind customers to give a written review on Google. Better yet, add a QR code to simplify the review process. Consider using business cards, check-out cards, playing cards, coat hangers, and hangers to generate reviews for your business.

CTA or pop-up

Customers often tend to procrastinate or lose published reviews. Push these customers by including CTAs and pop-ups on your company page and mobile app. typically, a pop-up like “Hey, it looks like you’re enjoying reading. Leave us a review! “It can remind them to contribute a positive word.

Ask for feedbacks when your customers have –

  • Used or tested the product or service
  • You have placed a repeat order
  • He tagged you on social media
  • Referred to a new customer
  • They are investing a lot of time on your website or app
  1. Encourage your customer support team to collect reviews

Your customer support team is the status of your business. They interact daily with customers, solving requests, and solving problems relating to products or services. So, it’s vital to motivate them to get reviews for your business.

 Give them a script

Give your team some examples of how they can invite customer reviews. Simply saying, “Please, leave us a review on Google?” It seems obvious and embarrassing. Instead, instruct your employees to say something like,

“Thank you very much, Mr. A! I am happy to know that you are satisfied with our services. I want to invite you to give feedback online on Google. This will help us in serving our customers in a better way. ”

Provide an incentive

Take help of an incentive system to give value to your employees based on the Google reviews guaranteed by customers. This can work as a great incentive for them to ask for reviews to be part of their routine.

  1. Create a personalized link for the Google review on your site or app

Simply pasting Google reviews on your website can hinder the authenticity and legitimacy of your site. In other words, if you check the review, customers are required to doubt its genuineness. Adding a link to the Google reviews form on your business page can help some customers to quickly know what other people have to say about your brand. Add a graphic or button on the page like “Read our Google reviews” and link it using your Places ID. The full link can then be used to direct customers to the existing review page, encouraging them to add their own reviews.


  1. Negative or positive: don’t forget to give response to reviews.

Online reviews helps you in proving your credibility and online status. Regardless of whether it’s positive or negative, it’s important to respond to reviews to let your customers know you’re always ready to help them. In fact, a study revealed by Harvard Business Review found that responding to customer reviews yields better ratings. Take the time to respond to reviews, making sure that your potential reviewers think it’s worth taking the time to give a review for you.

Negative reviews

Here is the good news:  negative reviews can increase conversions and loyalty of brand. This is because too many positive reviews seem false to customers. Bad reviews make your brand look authentic and offer customers the worst-case scenario. Remember: negative review authors want you to solve the problem and convert them into satisfied customers.

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