Success or Failure: Most common mistakes in Google Adwords


AdWords is not a self-runner. Those who want to advertise in Google successfully paid ads, must constantly invest time. It is not enough at the beginning to set up a successful and clean campaign and then to reap the fruits of the performance without further expenditure of time. Especially at the beginning of a new AdWords account, a lot of work has to be done to optimize the ads. Although the time required is lower, the individual campaigns have to be evaluated and improved.

You could even go so far as to say: better not an AdWords campaign than a bad one. AdWords is not a simple patch, and even if you think you’re doing it right, there are many surprises waiting for you. Have you defined negative keywords in order not to advertise in an area that has nothing to do with you or, in the worst case, even a negative impact on your business? Do not the keywords of each campaign outnumber each other? Are there duplicate keywords in the account?

Having an adequate and account structure allows your campaigns to be of higher quality: higher CTR, lower CPCs, and better average positions, in addition to being able to distribute and manage budgets in a more efficient way.

  1. Do not Measure Conversions:

When a business determines to make an investment, it does so with the objective of obtaining a return on that investment that is, earning more than what you have invested. This return on investment is what is known as the famous ROI. So, like in any investment, when you decide to launch a campaign in Google Adwords, you look for that invested money to translate into higher sales and, therefore, greater profits. But to be able to know the ROI of an SEM campaign, it is necessary to measure the conversions.

Conversions are the fulfillment of objectives by users on a web page, for example, who make a purchase or send a form. If the conversions are not measured, you will not be able to know the income that comes from the campaign, and therefore, you will not be able to calculate if the ROI of the campaign is positive or negative. In short, you will not know the true impact of the campaign on your business, and you will not know if it is worthwhile to continue investing, or if you increase or decrease the investment.

  1. Not Having a Landing Page:

Nowadays, web pages have become the reflection of physical stores and businesses on the Internet. For this cause, it is increasingly important to have a well-designed web page with a clear and simple navigation structure, which allows them to find what they are looking for without having to invest a lot of time in it.

So, when you launch a Google Adwords campaign to promote a specific product or service, you should never take the user to the home of your website since that user is looking for something specific and is what you expect to find when you click on your advertisement. If you do not find anything else click on an ad is very difficult to browse the web in your search, so you leave the web with the feeling that your need has not been met and the money invested will have fallen on deaf ears.

It is not enough just to direct the ads to a specific page or landing page, but it must be well designed and have the relevant information, in addition to being adapted to mobile devices, that is, having a responsive design, as more and more users use their smartphones or tablets to search the Internet.

  1. No Optimize:

There is a popular saying that when something works better, do not touch it. But in the company, digital marketing agency, we cannot disagree more. When something works, with the right technique and knowledge, it can always work better. Conform can lead to failure and more in a world as competitive and changing as digital marketing.

This also results in SEM campaigns. One of the biggest mistakes made by companies that decide to invest in Google Adwords is thinking that it is enough to make a campaign and wait for the benefits to arrive. But nothing is further from reality, no matter how much you manage to mount the best campaign if you do not dedicate enough time to optimization, you risk losing money without obtaining results. Play keyword matching, review search terms, adjust bids, use scheduling, try different ad versions, etc. are some of the things that will allow you to optimize your campaigns to get them to be of higher quality and, therefore, obtain better results.

  1. Not Having an Expert:

This is the weak point of the companies, since, in the majority of the occasions they do not count on an expert in SEM, reason why they resort to somebody that has some basic knowledge to carry out and to manage the campaigns. But you have to be very careful with this because you can risk not only not getting the expected results, but throwing money away.

Google Adwords is a very powerful tool and very useful for companies to sell more and to attract customers, but it is also a very complex tool that is constantly changing. In addition, the competition is growing and more aggressive, so having the help of an expert can make the difference between success and failure.

  1. Duplicate keywords in the account

An account can be very confusing, depending on the volume. To prevent this, it is important to have a well thought-out campaign structure. Each ad group is dedicated to a specific topic and should never overlap with another group. In practice, unfortunately, this often happens. Especially with new employees who take over the care of an account, knowledge is lost. Instead of working with the previous system, new campaigns are created with names like “new”, “2.0,” or “test”. What happens if two different groups contain the same keywords? Answer: You outperform each other, and the click price becomes more expensive. In addition, two ads for the same keyword in the search results may be displayed, which of course makes only limited sense.

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