Startups: Invest in Your Personal Branding

Starting up a new business is pretty exciting, especially the first time around. Even those who have successfully launched one or two businesses find the process exhilarating. It offers a buzz that no drug can provide and can be equally addictive. But like drugs, entrepreneurship can be risky business. As the business owner, you have an image to uphold, so it’s important to invest in online reputation management. People are watching you, so make sure what they’re seeing is in line with your business. Showcase anything less than what consumers expect and you could run into issues. Building a personal brand from scratch is just like a startup. Thankfully, you can hire an Internet marketing agency to help.

Why is your personal brand so important? Think of it this way – it can help earn the trust of both prospects and investors. If you are an entrepreneur pro, then you know how important these two are for the success of your company.

You need to pay close attention to all interactions you make on the Web. Refrain from posting photos and messages that paint you and your company in a bad light. Controversial topics should definitely be avoided, unless that’s your selling point. The old adage, all publicity is good publicity doesn’t account for much here. Do whatever you can to keep negative attention at bay.

Here are a few things you can do to help build your personal brand and get on the good side of customers and investors.

Keep Social Profiles Updated

There are two things that will make your social profile look bad – outdated information and infrequent posts. It makes you appear illegitimate and lazy. That surely won’t earn business for your startup any time soon. If you really are too busy, you can use tools like Buffer and HootSuite, or hire an SEO agency in Los Angeles that offers Internet marketing services.

Publish a Professional Headshot

The photo you select for your profile picture should be high quality and professional looking. According to LinkedIn, profiles with photos get 14 times more views. This goes to prove people trust these profiles more. Do away with your cropped-out party pic and replace it with a sharp, high-resolution close-up of your trustworthy face.

Strategically Place Keywords in Your Content

Everything you post online should have keywords implemented. The main keywords to use, for branding purposes, should be your name and business’s name. This should be included in all of your file names, so that search engines will tag them as relevant to you and your company. When people search for your name and business name, these will pop up in the search results.

Build a Website

Having a website makes you look professional. When you meet people at conferences or interact with folks on social media, you want to have a place to point them to. Include a link to your website on your social profiles, as well as on business cards, online directories and on all marketing collateral. This will hopefully get people to come to your site and either refer your business or become a customer.

Provide Relevant Actionable Information

Be the go-to spot for great information that’s relevant to your industry. Every piece of content you release should be engaging and useful to your audience. If you have a hard time figuring out what type of content your prospects are looking for, then you should consult with an Internet marketing agency.

These tips are a great place to start if you’re looking to establish a personal brand for your new startup.

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