Social Media: The Psychology Behind Likes and Shares

The marriage between marketing and psychology has taken the advertising industry to the next level. Understanding how the human psyche is affected by certain words, colors and tones really helps marketers to better appease their audience. Social media marketing, SEO and internet marketing companies now use psychology within their strategies.

Social media is still new, but many studies have been conducted regarding the behaviors of users. This data is being analyzed by social media marketing companies in Los Angeles and around the world. The goal – to find what makes people like and share content.

If you’re also looking to better understand the psychological triggers of social media users then continue reading. You just may find info that can improve your company’s social media marketing,

People Share What Makes them Look Good

You wouldn’t share a piece of content that bashes a certain group of people, unless you wanted to be perceived in that light. Everything social media users share online is representation of themselves. With that mindset, they are only going to share content that makes them look good. This is why you’ll find large groups of people sharing content that is funny, heartwarming, helpful or inspiring.

People Support Causes they Generally Care for

One study shows that 84 percent of respondents share content because it helps spread word about causes they care about. Social media has become the new way to build awareness for charities, fund raisers and other humane activities. If you write about a relevant cause that your audience cares for, then it’s very likely they will like and share it.

People Like to Connect with Others

We’re social beings, so it makes sense that we would want to interact with one another online. Social media platforms is the new way of mingling with family, friends and new acquaintances. The way you engage with one another online is to like and share content others post. If your content can help start conversations, then this would help boost you user engagement.

People Like to Help Others

Another study was done by a psychologist named Liz Dunn. She gave her college students varying amounts of money in an envelope and told them to spend it on themselves or someone else by 5pm that afternoon. The results of the study showed those who spent money on others were genuinely happier than those who spent it on themselves. The amount of money didn’t matter. This shows our natural keenness for helping others. The same is done in social media when we share posts we feel will help others. Your business can provide this in the form of a tip, inspirational quote or guide.

If your brand is looking to improve its social media marketing, then hire professional services for assistance!

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