Social Media Marketing: Our Favorite Tools



When it comes to social media marketing, every SEO agency has their favorite tools, resources

they prefer to use, and so forth. Here at I Think an Idea, the same is true. Of course, everyone

has a list of the “must have” tools to help you manage, monitor, and drive your social media

marketing campaigns. What we want to share with you is not another resource list of automated

tools and tracking programs like many SEO companies post about, but the actual social media

tools themselves.

We have been in the internet marketing arena for many years, and in that time we have seen

many changes and improvements made to the way that people do marketing. We compete with

some big-name SEO companies, but we also foster relationships with many of them. Social

media is one of our favorite marketing trends to date– it combines the tenets of traditional

marketing with the social approach, giving consumers what they want and giving brands the

recognition and visibility that they deserve.

Here are a few of our favorite things, if you will, along with the reason why we will always have

them on our list for any social media marketing campaign:

Facebook: This website is great because it connects brands with consumers on a personable

level. It offers conversation, image and video sharing, and so much more. As far as social

networks go, it’s comprehensive, successful for marketing campaigns, and useful to almost any

business or organization.


Twitter: Twitter is another popular social network, and this one is great for quick updates and

sharing information via links and retweets. For short, simple news and information, this is the

way to go. It’s included in almost all of our social media campaigns.

WordPress: There’s no easier way to build a solid, mobile-friendly site without the hassles than

to use WordPress with its many plugins and apps. You can buy a domain and build a website or

blog from scratch, but somehow WordPress just makes everything so much easier. This site

alone is responsible for almost ¼ of the websites online today.

Google+: Google Plus (or Google+) is a local social networking site and even though it’s the 4th

attempt by Google to create their own social network, it’s definitely a winner this time. Right

now, local SEO is everywhere and Google+ is the place to go for everything local. You can’t

customize a url like you could with some sites, but you are getting the increased opportunity to

appear in Google search results with this profile.

How you manage your social media accounts is entirely up to you, including whether you hire

an SEO agency. What matters is that you have them, and that you use them accordingly.

Whether you invest in your own tools or rely on an SEO agency like ours for social media

marketing, you want to make sure that you capitalize on the social networks listed here.

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