Mobile Ads

The current mobile market

Should you target the mobile market? Check out 4 stats that could sway you:

  1. By 2015, the mobile market will increase spending by 35%.
  2. There are over 143 million active smartphones in the United States.
  3. The increased accessibility has doubled the amount of time users spend online!
  4. People surf the web almost 2 hours every day on their mobile device

Are you already accessible to users while they’re at home? Make sure you reach them while they’re on the go. Provide every opportunity for customers and potential clients to reach you!

Benefit from mobile ads

Here are 7 benefits of mobile advertising:

  1. This form of advertising is cost effective. Compared to other traditional advertising, mobile ads are less expensive. Engage people for less money.
  2. You’re always in the palm of your target audience’s hands. Mobile advertising keeps your company within your “potential customer’s” reach at all times.
  3. Communicate with your target audience. Create direct marketing communications to specific customer groups.
  4. Mobile advertising has a higher rate of return. It is 5 times more effective than email marketing.
  5. You’re able to track user response. Know which ads engaged your audience and which didn’t.
  6. Any mobile advertising is highly shareable. Enable your users to share your company with others.
  7. You can reach more people. Mobile marketing makes mass communication easy as pie.

What are your mobile advertising options?

There are several types of mobile ads for you to choose from:

  • App-based
  • Mobile image ads
  • QR Codes
  • Mobile search ads
  • SMS
  • Local advertising

Master of mobile advertising

Unsure what combination is right for you? I Think an Idea can help you build strong mobile advertising. Maintaining a presence on mobiles takes time and commitment. Let us dedicate our professional resources to improving your reach.

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