Mobile Marketing Services

We don’t need to tell you how popular mobile devices are! There are over 143 million active smartphones. In 2013, 195 million tablets were sold. 4 out of every 5 shoppers will use their mobile device for purchases. We can all agree that these statistics only prove that sms and mobile marketing is the future. Big name brand companies like Nike, Macy’s, Starbucks, the Obama campaign, Walmart have all used mobile marketing to
  • increase awareness,
  • engage their audiences,
  • and raise profits.
Creating value with your mobile marketing Remember that for marketing to be successful, it must be a dynamic two-way communication. You send the information. Your audience must receive and understand it. Which means you require a good SMS Mobile Marketing Services to execute your campaigns. At I Think an Idea – a leading SMS and Mobile Marketing Services Company in Malibu, Los Angeles, we know how to create value with your mobile marketing. This type of marketing gives you the opportunity to cater to a very specific target market and share information that people find valuable. More with Mobile Ads and SMS Marketing Mobile advertising provides you the opportunity to create highly interactive ads. This includes special offers or events, coupons, and other highly personalized information. Access more people with mobile ads! Make your company accessible anywhere. Whether you are looking to access your customers through mobile web ads, audio or video streaming, text messaging, or multimedia messaging, I Think an Idea has a plan for you. Read More… Continual Connections with Mobile Apps Are you looking to connect with your target audience 24/7? With mobile apps, your information will be available immediately and continuously. Stand alongside big name brands and above the competition. An attractive and user-friendly app is your ticket to success. Let customers know that you are a credible business worthy of their loyalty. The creation of a mobile application will help you achieve all this. Read More…

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