Small Budget? Try These Content Marketing Hacks



Consistent traffic to your Web site is important for converting the visitors into regular followers and/or customers. Content marketing, when done strategically, can be an excellent way to do just that. But how you go about creating content that is important enough to leave your visitor wanting more? An SEO company can help your Los Angeles business with developing effective content. After all, the key to increased traffic is the implementation of a sound marketing strategy.

An SEO Company is a great way to help small businesses
An SEO Company is a great way to help small businesses


Here are a few hacks that you can use, even if you are only working with a small budget:

  • Find blog post ideas from your email outbox. If you’ve gotten emails from customers or readers who are asking popular questions, find your responses and use them as a foundation for future content.
  • Create SlideShare posts using PowerPoint presentations you’ve created in the past. You can then embed the SlideShare into a short blog post that summarizes what the slide is about. Then, you can turn around and turn your SlideShares into actual blog posts.
  • Turn company videos into blog posts, then embed them into the content. This is an excellent way to reap the benefits of both, video marketing and content marketing.
  • Write down a list of top influencers in your industry, along with Web sites you find to be great sources. Use this list to gather ideas for your content.
  • Write guest posts for blogs within your niche. Keep in mind that the blogs you write should be read by your target audience. Any Los Angeles based Seo Company will advise you to provide the readers good information with lots of value.
  • Create lists of facts and stats that people will find educational, intriguing and/or fun. Of course, it should be related to your business in some way.
  • Make references to current events and industry changes. This will make your content newsworthy and trendy – two ingredients for shareable content.
  • Write an e-book using the information you derive from influencers. This should include tips for dealing with a major challenge or industry predictions.

Your budget doesn’t have to dictate how well your Internet marketing plan performs. With the help of an SEO company, you can develop a strategy that is cost-effective and aligned with your goals.

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