SEO strategy on Instagram; How to position yourself in Google?


Instagram has more than 1 billion active users per month and is a perfect platform to expand your brand and your business; statistics reveal that Instagram improves conversions and makes you visible to search engines. But how do you empower yourself on Instagram? With these SEO strategies, you can achieve it!

Instagram is the social network of the moment! And we think no one is going to contradict this statement. The millions of users who make life on this platform have turned Instagram into more than just a website to socialize and upload photos.

This network is a perfect place for anyone who has an online business and wants to improve the presence of their brand. Both big brands and entrepreneurs, influencers and even celebrities have chosen it among the different social networks and have focused on increasing their audience on Instagram, and there are many reasons for this.

Search engines know everything, and when a user makes a request, they usually show some social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram among their first SERP results, but clearly, this indexing does not happen as if by magic, but that you have to give it a little push. And this is where we SEO come in!

Although many people ignore SEO for social networks, sooner or later they will have to surrender to the benefits of it, and it is that without it, it is impossible for Google and other search engines to locate you on networks such as Instagram and position you in the place you should. So, is there a way to do SEO for Instagram? Of course, yes!

If you want professional optimization on your social networks, SEO experts can design a personalized plan so that you can improve your online presence on fashionable social platforms. There are many SEO techniques and strategies for Instagram that we have to achieve it! But here we tell you some of them.

Make sure your profile is public

Although it seems obvious, the first thing we must remind you is that you check your Instagram profile and verify that it is configured to be public, because what you want is for everyone to get to know you and access your content.

In the settings menu, you can make sure you have the ‘private account’ option disabled, so take a walk there just in case.

Optimize your Instagram username in SEO

Your username is Instagram is very important because it acts as a keyword. If you want to be easily found and be among the first search options in your niche, you must wisely choose your username.

If, for example, your brand sells sportswear, it is good that your username is not only that of your brand, but that you also include in it the words ‘sportswear’ so that you have more possibilities of appearing.

And also, your name on Instagram!

Your name on Instagram is one thing, and your username is another; some ignore this. But you should optimize both! Just as the username acts as a keyword, so does your name on Instagram, and it is usually seen in bold in your bio.

The best thing is that you choose the most relevant keyword of your business or the one that best specifies what you sell or offer, and has a greater search volume so that you place it as your Instagram name.

With this little trick, you will gain more traffic and they will see you more easily when a query involving your niche is made. Of course, do it naturally and not as a word filler.

Treat hashtags as SEO keywords

Hashtags should be seen as keywords because through them people can find something or Instagram can connect you with people who are looking for the same thing you offer and what you are talking about on their platform.

Sure, it’s not about using crazy tags and just for the sake of it, it’s about doing keyword research in hashtags so you know which tags can rank you.

Although you don’t have a keyword planner like Google’s, you can use some tools to investigate which are the 100 most-searched-for tags in a certain niche. This research will be key for your SEO on Instagram to go from strength to strength.

As for the number of labels to use in a publication, you can put all the ones you want, as long as they are relevant and serve a purpose; some say that using around 30 maximum tags per post is enough to help SEO, but we leave it to you.

Just remember, the labels must help to locate you, they must define the photo you publish, they must be specific and they must be related to the name of your brand; otherwise, they are just labels to fill in space in the photo.



Create an attractive and keyword-rich SEO bio

For experts, this is where SEO for Instagram really starts; although the aspects that we have just mentioned are very important, the biography is one of the easiest aspects to optimize, and that it leaves the best results. You don’t have to be an SEO expert to do it and to do it well, but you do have to have some knowledge of SEO Copywriting.

The biography on Instagram should demand your full attention, and that of your target audience, unlike the photos, which are not indexed by search engines, the biography is traceable to them, so you must strive for it.

You have a maximum of 150 characters to write an attractive, jovial and genuine biography that captures your audience and makes them want to know more about you and your brand.

Take advantage of the bio to include all possible hashtags, as long as they are relevant and included naturally. You can choose specific keywords that attract a high search volume, as well as mention any other account (yours or third party) that is of value to your brand.

An efficient Instagram biography is one that defines who you are, what you offer and what makes you stand out.

Consider the title of your images as a title hashtag

When you post a photo or story, Instagram creates a page for that post and includes your name and the image title on it. This page is intended for search engines to crawl.

Because of this, you should create a title tag that contains the most important information and makes the post stand out. This title must be punctual and specific and must contain appropriate keywords.

But beware! If you decide to add endless tags as a title, the search engines will treat your post as spam, and nobody wants that!

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