SEO Strategies You Should Avoid Like the Plague

If you are using black hat SEO practices to get quick results than it’s just a matter of time before your site is punished for the same

Companies must understand that not all Search Engine Optimization strategies are created equal. There are some designed to boost your rankings effectively, and others that do more harm than good. A lot of entrepreneurs fall for SEO scam artists that promise to get them high rankings in Google within a few weeks. In reality, a proper strategy would take months, sometimes longer, depending on the keywords and the competition associated with them.

Only the best SEO companies know which strategies that should and shouldn’t be used. You want to work with a professional SEO service that understands the consequences of using blackhat methods to improve search engine optimization.

Make sure the advice you’re getting is from an industry-approved Internet marketing expert. It’s good to know which methods you should use and which you should stay far away from – this way, you don’t end up being ripped off by a mediocre SEO service.

Let’s take a look at a few bad apples that seem to keep popping up on the Search Engine Optimization scene.

Purchasing Links from Third-Parties

You can literally find thousands of websites you can buy links from, and they’ll even convince you that it’s a grand idea. It’s tempting at best, but at worst, it can cause your site to be penalized by Google. So rather than buying hundreds of backlinks for $5 on fiverr, you should focus on building real links with quality site owners.

Publishing Content that’s Irrelevant

All of the content you publish on your website should be relevant to your target audience. If it isn’t, Google will look at your site as a spam website. This is also why you should only choose keywords that are directly related to your business, this way it’s easier to write content around it without going far off topic.

Spamming Comment Sections

This is an old strategy that Google has caught on to. Small business owners, and even some larger ones, would use forums and blogs to post spammy comments that include a link to their website. The goal here is to post comments all over the place with your link intact, so to help boost backlinks and traffic. But these are oftentimes deleted by forum and blog moderators anyway.

When companies have good SEO strategies in place, they don’t have to worry about using spammy methods to gain traffic. This is why it’s strongly recommended that you only work with the best SEO companies, so you don’t end up having the wrong methods being used. Because in the end, your site will have to pay!

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