SEO: It’s About Optimizing for the User Experience

Since the advent of search engines like Google and Bing, it’s been about improving the user experience. Brands and even professional SEO services in Los Angeles and beyond have tried to manipulate search engines to their benefit. This is how black hat search engine optimization was born. But as the Google algorithm continues to get smarter, it’s harder for businesses and SEO experts to take short cuts. So the sooner you take this into account, the better.

Today, Google has nearly perfected its algorithm, which helps users find content that is relevant and high quality. Search engines use all types of different signals to determine the worthiness of the links it ranks. Social networks play a big role in identifying content that is well-received. This is why digital marketers recommend obtaining social media marketing services for your content.

The User Experience

The best way to describe search engines’ logic today is that’s it’s all about providing a great user experience. If your website and content doesn’t offer this, then be prepared to have your site pushed down in the ranks. Or if you’re just starting out, getting to the first page of Google or anywhere near it will be impossible. You need business development consulting to help you organize a strategy to improve your online presence and Google rankings.

For one, your content is going to need to cater towards mobile users, which makes up majority of the Internet searches today. People are mainly using their smartphones and tablets to shop, communicate and browse search engines. This is one of the reasons why Google now penalizes websites that aren’t mobile optimized.

Many professionals that offer SEO services are finally changing their model from search engine optimization to search experience optimization. Everything they do to improve their ranks in Google revolves around the user experience – from creating content that is valuable to humans and sharing it on social media to engaging with the people on social media, giving them a more rounded user experience.

What About Keywords?

In the past, it was all about keyword density, link profiles and meta descriptions. While these things are still important, it’s not the most important. All of this is based around robots and crawlers, not actual human beings. Users can care less about your keyword density. This is exactly why search engines decided to fix their algorithm, shying away from ranking sites based on keywords and meta descriptions only to incorporating everything to do with how people interact with your website.

If people are continuously bouncing away from your website, this tells Google that whatever keywords you’re ranking for aren’t relevant or your site isn’t valuable, so this will harm your ranking. It doesn’t matter how great of a keyword strategy you have.

How to Appeal to Google and People

It’s common sense really, but some have a hard time changing their concept from the old way of doing things. For starters, when you build a website, you should research how people are searching for your products or services. You’ll notice that many of them are asking a question, rather than typing in general terms. So instead of just typing in “roof shingles”, they’re typing in “what are the best roof shingles for a single family home?”

A great way to accommodate this change in behavior is to write content around the questions your audience is asking. Your focus needs to shift away from keyword densities to actually trying to help users.

The concept of appealing to users shouldn’t be a big surprise, nor should it be difficult to do. You can hire the services of a professional SEO company to have your Internet marketing strategy tweaked.

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