SEO in Google News; How to appear in Google News?


Many high-quality news sites regularly publish well-prepared news, but the audience they reach can be very limited because they do not have registration in Google News.

In this article, we will include general errors that prevent sites from appearing on Google news, as well as practical tips and advice for news to reach more people. Some of these recommendations will help your news to be present in the news section of search engines other than Google.

If you want to know how your news site will appear on Google News, this blog is for you.

What is Google News?

Google News is a computer-generated search engine that collects the headline and content of different news sources. This news is then sorted by person’s interests, preferences, or filters. You can access Google News at , or you can still access it from the News tab on the homepage.

Why do sites want to be included in Google News?

The first thing that comes to mind is, of course, to get more visitors and thus more advertising or sales revenue. In addition to this traffic issue, people rely on a story added to Google News. You can also add articles and blogs to Google News to provide additional traffic and faster turnaround.

Adding to Google News

Compared to other search results you can find to add your site to Google News, this content includes a clear roadmap and apps that will serve as a resource for the site to be featured in Google News and reach high rankings.

General Guidelines

Content-type: As you guessed, the content should be timely, relevant and engaging the audience following Google News. Tips and tricks, job postings or content with information only do not fall into this category.

Originality and readability: The content must be absolutely correct and produced by you. If your site is a mixture of content you create and collect, you will need to separate them. Otherwise, the two types of content will not be included in Google News.

Content should be well written (according to spelling rules) and should not have enough ads, automatic videos, and similar applications to distract.

Competence and trust: Pioneering ideas and expertise-reflecting content have a better chance to be featured on Google News. Also, providing your contact information will give users more confidence.

Technical Guidelines

Since Google News is algorithm-based, there are some technical features that the content included in this application should have. The first part of these are traditional technical factors. In addition, the following factors are of high priority:

Your content addresses must be content-related, singular and permanent.

Only the HTML format is supported. PDF, Java Script and other formats cannot be scanned and added. In addition, some YouTube videos can be browsed and added to the news.

The site on which you post the news must be in a state that allows search engine bots to access. You can also see other technical guidelines from Google source.

Quality Guidelines

The rules set out in the Webmaster Quality Directive, which Google has created for all websites, apply to news sites. Content created incorrectly does not comply with this quality directive. In addition, there are instructions that Google has prepared separately for the news. Violating content of sites that violate all these guidelines or, if appropriate, all content can be removed from the news section.

One of the quality standards specific to news sites is that only news takes place in the news. You should stay away from advertising or promotional practices embedded in the news. If you want to do these, you should do this in a separate content, not in the news.

In other words, it is important to use the “sponsored content” label, to point out that the content is sponsored at the beginning of the content, and to give the links to the content sponsor Nofollow. Besides, the speed and user-friendliness of the site is also important.

It should also be adjusted to best reflect the news in your Meta descriptions.

Suggestions and Tips

There are many tactics that will help you add your site to Google News and your news will be at the forefront, but here will be the most applied ones.

Do the basic things right: In order to be successful in Google News, it may be enough to just fulfil the basic factors. If you do not have a complete news website, you should classify the news on your site. You can do this by adding all your news to a directory like your

New content needs to be loaded immediately, contain sufficient information and accessibility. It should also be relevant, interesting and fluent. Your news should be published at a constant frequency. So if you publish 10 news a day, you should follow this range.

News sitemap: You can check the compliance of your content with the standards by creating a Google News sitemap. In addition, you can help index your content faster. However, the map will not have an effect in terms of ranking.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP): At top levels, it may be useful to use the free form of the page from content types that will cause slow loading of the entire page except for text. AMPs will be helpful for users who have internet connections at different speed levels and want to quickly access the content.

To register your site: You should register your site for appearing in Google News but it is not mandatory. Because even if you don’t do so, Google can add your site to the news pane. Here you can take the necessary steps. In this way, you get the chance to see your shortcomings and close them even if they are not added as well as adding your site.

Editors’ Choices: In the section chosen by the editors, there may be news that you think is very well prepared. However, the news that you think should be included there may not be able to achieve this.

The news site must meet generally accepted quality standards. Some experts have more than two hundred SEO-factors that can affect the ranking of the site. First of all, attention should be paid to them. In other words, a news site is optimized, like any other site, based on the cornerstones of SEO.

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