SEO Hacks: Don’t Ignore these Low-Hanging Fruit


People are impatient by nature, and businesses are the same way. We want things to happen as quickly as possible, but this isn’t always possible. Any business owner or brand who’s been in the industry for multiple years knows this to be true. Patience is a virtue, but diligence is also king. This especially applies when you are attempting to improve your online visibility. There are only two options in this case – social media and SEO. An Internet marketing agency can help you with both. The problem with SEO is that it takes time to achieve long-term results.

However, once you have gained visibility, you can expect to witness increased traffic to your website and hopefully a boost in sales. This will be dependent upon your content strategy and web design, which can be created by an SEO agency in Los Angeles.

Implementing SEO into your Internet marketing strategy isn’t the easiest, especially if you’re new to the subject. Plus, most brands and businesses don’t have the time to follow through with their SEO strategy.  If you’re looking to get quicker results for your search engine optimization, then pay attention to the following low-hanging fruit.

Install Google Webmaster Tools

Your website absolutely needs to have Google Webmaster Tools, at least if you’re serious about improving your ranking. You don’t want to fly blind, so this will give you some insight. The data this showcases reveals your website’s relationship with Google. The data can be used to identify errors on your site and within your overall strategy. If you don’t really understand all of the numbers and graphs, consider working with an expert from an Internet marketing agency.

Increase Your Page Load Times

No one likes a slow loading website, and Google knows this. If your web pages aren’t loading as quickly as they should, then you could end up with lower rankings. You can speed up your page loads by removing unnecessary images, graphics and animations. You can use Google Page Speed to test your site speed as you remove items. You can also use caching plugins, if you’re using WordPress, such as W3 Total Cache.

Another way to speed up your website is to install Cloudflare. It can also help protect your site from bots and malicious attacks. Plus it’s free to use for most people.

Use Local Search to Your Advantage

This is a plus if your company operates on a local level. You need a Web page that’s dedicated to your site that lists all of your business details, including your name, address and phone number. It would also be helpful if you embed a map. Google My Business is a great service for creating your local listings.

List Your Company on Top Local Directories

You don’t want to waste your time on just any ol’ directory. You want to focus your efforts on those like Yelp, OpenTable, Urbanspoon and TripAdvisor. You’ll find these ranking much higher than the others, which is great for business. Make sure to keep all of your company information on your listings up to date.

Implement Share Plugins

This is available on various platforms including WordPress and Blogger. Social media is making a big splash in the SEO community, so make sure people are able to share your content on sites like Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest. There are different plugins available that can do this, just make sure that the one you select is compatible. Test it out for yourself to make sure it works.

Looking to update your content marketing strategy? Then you need a reputable Internet marketing agency. Don’t overlook the importance of SEO for your business or brand!

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