If you don’t have a strategy already, then you’re allowing your competitors to acquire your potential clients .

Why not do something about it? With the help of professional services catered specifically for plastic surgeons, you can. Contact us for a complimentary analysis of how you rank compared to your direct competitors.

Let's Make a Plan!

You can use it to build your brand’s position in the industry. And you can drive more targeted traffic to your site for higher conversions.

But whatever the reasons for wanting to grow your online presence, we can help you do it.

We Know What Works & What Doesn’t.

It takes careful research and analyses to maintain your position though. It’s not a set it and forget it type of deal. You need to constantly watch for changes in consumer behavior to see if your keywords are still the best match for your campaign.

At ITAI, we have the tools and knowledge to properly track, monitor, analyze the data to improve your marketing results.

Answers to Your Questions

What does SEO mean?

SEO literally means Search Engine Optimization. This is how someone finds your business on the internet.

Why is it important to hire a digital marketing agency with a niche in plastic surgery? 

It’s important to hire a digital marketing agency experienced with plastic surgery because the nature of the competition. Each industry has different hurdles therefore knowing how to address and overcome those is a key part of your success. 

I am on 1st page of google when I search my website BUT when my friend searches for our business they can’t find it?

Most likely, you need to disable personalized search, clear your cookies. Google will come up with results you “search the most”.

How do I know what digital marketing tactics I should focus on as a plastic surgeon? 

A catered approach to your digital marketing is vital. You will need the tools to do heavy market research and analysis of trends.  Hiring a digital marketing agency that does the heavy lifting allows you to focus on serving clients versus attracting clients. 


Here’s a closer look at how ITAI’s Digital marketing services can help your Plastic Surgery office.

Search Engine Optimization

Driving organic traffic to your site vs paid traffic comes with many benefits. For one, it helps you to get long-term results. When you’re consistently working on your SEO strategy, you can climb the Google ranks and remain there.

In order to maintain your ads, you have to continue pouring money into your campaigns. As soon as you stop paying, your ads are taken down.

It takes careful research and analyses to maintain your position though. It’s not a set it and forget it type of deal. You need to constantly watch for changes in consumer behavior to see if your keywords are still the best match for your campaign.

When you’re working together with an SEO agency in Beverly Hills, you can ensure your campaign is always on par. This includes providing thorough keyword research, ranking reports, conversions analytics, and traffic reports.

We’ll make sure you have all the bases covered to ensure max results.

Local SEO Services

Now, if you’re a business that deals with customers locally, then local SEO is highly important. Brick and mortar businesses and local service providers can both benefit from local SEO.

This technique revolves around using keywords that are locally focused. In many cases, it’s adding cities and states to the beginning or end of the main keyword.

For example, SEO company Los Angeles, California. Instead of just using SEO company, you’re adding on the city and state to make your listing more targeted.

This will allow people in that area to find your website in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Then if your site is mobile-optimized, your site will show up in the search of local internet users typing in your keywords (even if they exclude the city and state). However, this will only work if their location feature is on.

The experts at ITAI are available to help you sort through all of this and build a quality local SEO strategy.

Social Media Marketing for Plastic Surgery Offices

Yes, your social media is another key factor in your digital marketing strategy. So if you don’t already have business profiles on the social networks your audience uses, then it’s time to create them.

Your social media presence can help drive traffic to your website and even give you some backlink juice. If others start sharing your posts and links you share, then this can tell Google your content is relevant

As with any marketing method, there are several ways you can use it to your advantage. For starters, you can use it to build your brand. The more of your followers you can attract, the more people you have to engage with and promote your brand.

Creating a customer base of loyal brand advocates is one of the top benefits of using social media.

ITAI will help you build a social media strategy built around your content marketing, SEO, and branding needs.

Penalty Recovery

Say you hired an SEO company in Beverly Hills that didn’t do a good job on your strategy – or maybe you tried doing it all on your own – only to end up penalized by Google.

This search engine has strict guidelines when it comes to how the site is ranked. If you don’t closely follow these guidelines, then you can end up penalized.

Problem is, those who don’t regularly follow SEO algorithm changes won’t have any idea of what to do with their SEO. SEO is always changing, which can make it difficult for business owners to stay abreast of the changes.

And in not doing so, it can hurt your SEO. For instance, what worked a decade ago can now have your site deranked. Don’t make the mistake of using outdated SEO tactics that can have your site banned.

At ITAI, we can help your business overcome a penalty. We do this by analyzing your website to identify what went wrong. Then we’ll manually go in and fix these mistakes.

This includes auditing your website SEO, backlink profile, content, and more.

Building Link Campaigns

Both internal and external links can help improve your search engine optimization. For example, linking to other internal pages on your site can help direct users to other parts of your website.

Google bots also shine favor on this since it helps to improve the user experience.

Then it’s also good to link out to reputable sites, such as resources you cite data from. Any link you use should be working and pointing to a reputable website.

But it doesn’t stop here – you also need to build a backlink profile. This is where you have websites pointing back to your site. Again, the sites your backlinks are need to have an authority ranking that’s at least higher than your own.

At ITAI, we can help you build your backlinks and properly implement internal and external links throughout your website.

Content Marketing for Plastic Surgeons.

Your content is what will drive people to your site. After all, they’re typing in keywords in search engines to either find products and services or information.

By creating content that provides valuable information, you’ll retain the traffic you receive. The key is to use highly-targeted keywords in highly-relevant content.

This way, when your audience reaches your site, they’re compelled to stick around. The longer they remain and the more pages they visit, the better this looks to Google and other search engines.

The issue is coming up with website content, product/service page content, and blog content that satisfies this goal. This means coming up with topics, doing keyword research, and writing the content.

Then there’s deciding the best type of content to use. For example, blog posts, infographics, white pages, e-books, videos, and webinars.

At ITAI, we can do all of this for you so you can focus on running your business.

Digital PR for Plastic Surgeons

In the past, businesses reached out to journalists at newspapers and television stations with their press releases. But no longer do you have to go through these time-consuming and oftentimes fruitless steps.

With digital PR, you can easily publish your press release on various sites, increasing the chances of a blogger, vlogger, our journalist picking it up.

At ITAI, we help plastic surgeons by coming up with a successful PR strategy that includes press release writing and distribution, PR outreach, social media marketing, and more.

We do whatever possible to get the word out about your upcoming product release, new service, or other related news.

Web Analytics for Plastic Surgeons

The digital world can be a gift and a curse for businesses. When used right, it can help boost your brand’s visibility, trust, and authority.

However, what people say about your business online is another story. Online reviews help countless consumers with making a decision on whether or not to do business with a brand.

If your company has one too many reviews, then it can greatly hurt your conversions. But rather than allow your company to be shut down by a bad online reputation, you can take measures to rectify the issue.

Being proactive about managing your online reputation is key. For instance, you can monitor what others are saying about your business and engage with those who are dissatisfied.

There’s a list of things we do to help brands like yours overcome bad publicity.