SEO 2020: Google will be your competitor

SEO 2020

At the end of each year, we are in a hurry to look into the future and identify future trends. The truth is that all collections list what is relevant today. Trends are conditional, only working methods are important and it is worth applying them in advance.

Is it possible to beat the Google algorithm in the year 2020?

No doubt, but there are no magic wands or silver bullets. That victory is necessarily the result of systematic work and much effort. Shortcuts no longer work in the medium and long term.

-Why does the criteria change constantly? What is it that, as the book’s subtitle says, “Google doesn’t want us to know”?

Google really exaggerates the weight of the changes. They are much smaller than they want us to believe. Make minor adaptations that, added over time, are important. But the essence of Google remains, and cannot change. For example, although Google does not recognize or want us to know, the domain name still matters, and structural factors weigh heavily.

-What are the trends, what we should not lose sight of in positioning for 2020?

The weight of RankBrain in the algorithm will increase, that is, the factors linked to the user experience, as well as the weight of mobile searches, whose page will become the reference. Voice search will also be developed.

-What real weight will the latter have? Are you really looking for that much or is it a future trend yet?

It is beginning to be important and it is growing strongly, thanks to smart speakers and domestic assistants such as Google Home or its competitors, which already have more than 15% penetration in US homes.

-Google promotes the creation of quality content, what would we understand by this?

Text well written and relevant to the search, the more the better. Also quality photos and videos.

– Should we worry about the text density of an article, of a web page?

Yes, it is still an important factor. It depends on the sector, but in general it should not be less than 1% of the keyword, nor more than 7%.

-What traditional SEO practices should we forget forever?

Well, old tricks like keyword stuffing, poor quality content farms, poor quality link networks. All that does not work, or worse, it is counterproductive.

-What is RankBrain?

The RankBrain are all factors related to the user experience such as click-through rate (CTR), bounce rate, dwell time rate (dwell time), and others. Every time it counts more, especially to decide who goes up or down among the most prominent positions, that is, it is used to choose the finalists who reach the top by the other factors.

-And the bad rank? And the PageRank- isn’t it dead?

Bad rank penalizes those web pages that link to other toxic pages or with poor quality content. PageRank is the main basis of the Google algorithm, a series of factors that give strength to a web page, among which the quantity and quality of the links it receives predominates. It is still fundamental, although Google keeps it secret and no longer publishes it in the bar, as before.

-Let’s look beyond 2020- what positioning trends will come in the coming years?

Voice searches will grow, also visual searches, and quite possibly Local SEO.

-Will Google remain the supreme king on the Web?

Yes, at the moment it is very difficult to replace it. Their algorithms are formulas that can be imitated and in fact they have been imitated by both the Microsoft search engine, Bing, and Yandex, the Russian search engine and Baidu the Chinese search engine.

But Google has a huge capacity to process data, an impressive volume of historical data, a very strong brand, and a great ability to generate data through Gmail, Chrome, Android and other channels. All that makes it almost impossible to overcome it.

How authority affects SEO in 2020?

The credibility of the enterprise will be the most important aspect in the local search. To understand how much SEO will influence the credibility of your business in 2020, you need to become familiar with the concepts of “brand recognition” and “brand involvement.”

  1. Brand awareness

If people indicate the name of your site or brand, but do not link to it, it is still considered a full-fledged mention and helps your site to rank higher in search results. Here the main role is played by brand mention. One of the most effective ways to increase your popularity is to create very relevant content for the target audience.

  1. Brand engagement

When your brand becomes popular, it’s worth considering an engagement rate. Three main parameters will help to increase it: content, links and RankBrain.

How do they affect SEO?

Content from the point of view of SEO is the main means of communication between the brand and the buyer. Links – provides the primary link between brands.

They link web pages and search results. These pages themselves are brands containing other brands.

RankBrain – RankBrain’s function is not only to serve as a signal for Google search, but also to determine the weight of each signal. Thus, the weight of the site is a key parameter by which the Google algorithm will rank your resource.


SEO 2020: Conclusions

In the SEO world, things are changing very fast. Use the latest SEO trends 2020 and our tips for maximum optimization and attracting organic traffic to the site. Design the functionality so that it meets all the requirements of search engines. Find out the desires and needs of your audience, and develop your 2020 SEO strategy based on them. Create high-quality, engaging content that answers the questions and pains of your customers. And most importantly, select the right keywords and include them in your texts in a timely manner.

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