Repurpose Your Content for More Marketing Value: Increase Leads and Reach More Customers

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Content is king in the marketing world, as everyone knows. There is an ongoing debate about which types of content are best, but social media and visual content are two of the most powerful marketing tools. The trouble with content marketing is that people think they have to create separate pieces of content for each medium that they use or for each website that they submit to. While you can’t spin articles or use the same content repeatedly, there is a way to make your content work smarter: repurposing.

What is repurposing, in terms of content marketing? It’s a fairly simpel concept. Take that blog you posted last week. If there are some good points that you can make into bullet points, and it’s a relevant topic, you could easily turn it into a Slideshare. Rather than coming up with a new topic and new content for the Slideshare, just use what you already have. As long as you’re just utilizing the general topic or concept, you can use the same piece of content in more than a handful of ways.

Users aren’t interested in the same kind of content. Either their personality or learning style is different, or they might not be in the same stage of the buying cycle that your message is. This can cause you to miss a lot of traffic simply because you don’t have the right kind of content for the right kind of buyers.

65% of people are visual learners. The rise of popularity in visual content, including infographics and slideshares, isn’t a fluke. It’s a transition that the internet is making to accommodate users who want quick, fun, engaging content. Someone might love your 500-word blog published on the subject of your niche or industry, but some don’t have the time or energy to sit down and read content like that. Here are some other great ideas for repurposing content to get more out of a single piece:

  • Podcasts
  • Infographics
  • Webinars
  • E-books
  • Content upgrades (less repurposing, more revamping)
  • Resource kits
  • Videos
  • Brochures or newsletters
  • Repulbication on different sites

When it comes to content marketing, professional SEO companies are the best option. They have a lot of valuable information and resources that you can use to build your campaign, and they can help you decide upon effective marketing strategies. Working with an SEO company allows you to make a stronger strategy for your content marketing, and will help you decide on the perfect medium every time.

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