Promoting your Legal Business in the Southern California Desert


If you have a legal business in a small town, you may be wondering how you can attract more clients without draining your marketing budget overnight. After all, many of the top marketing mediums are extremely expensive to run and maintain. Ad campaigns online and physical ads are a lot to keep up with and to run with consistency. Marketing firms across California will tell you that your monthly marketing budget will be absorbently higher than it actually needs to be. But there is a way to generate a great marketing impact all while exponentially building your reach. This kind of marketing doesn’t require an insane monthly overhead and is generally a more targeted way of attracting the clients that you need for your law business to thrive. This type of marketing works while you sleep, is well-rounded, and spread across all corners of the digital marketing arena.

So what is it?

SEO and digital media marketing is the number one tool to get you ranking high online and for attracting the right kind of clients your law firm is seeking. Particularly important during these pandemic-ridden times, Internet Marketing has become the new normal. With so many people stuck indoors and on devices more than ever before, your business finally has a captive audience. That’s why it’s more critical than ever before to invest in digital marketing and grow your business online. Just like a garden, the more you tend to it, the faster it will grow!

The Cold Hard Stats

Statistics from Jared Kimball with Zahavian Legal Marketing

  • The overall cost of services: 15%
  • Ease of understanding case expectations: 13%
  • Responsiveness to email, phone, text: 10%
  • Ease of getting information on case status: 9%

Now you must be thinking, okay okay, where do I sign up?

Good question.

Our agency is here to ensure your marketing dollars are well spent, and to help realize your law firm’s unique marketing goals. Our leading internet marketing agency I Think An Idea, has moved from Los Angeles and is now headquartered in Joshua tree California. Having a deep-rooted understanding of what it takes to stand out in the desert, I Think An Idea will help strategize your digital campaigns and work with you individually to address your marketing needs, including your reputation management.

What You Should Know About Your Reputation

One facet of internet marketing that often goes undervalued and overlooked is maintaining a great reputation with your client base. Review websites such as Yelp or Google My Business are exceptionally important in today’s digital world. People look at ratings, they read reviews, and they avoid bad business like never before. Because today, we all have the appropriate vetting tools in the palm of our hands. All information about your business online, from reviews to a polished and updated website, or social media, your brand identity feeds directly into how your clients view right off the bat. All of these components and online marketing filter into whether they will trust your law office or not. It’s so important not to neglect your outward appearance- after all, appearance and aesthetics in marketing are at the very top of the list. We live in a visual world, and potential clients will strongly discern your business based on the visual, even when choosing a legal office to work with.



That’s why working with a digital media marketing agency in the desert such as I Think An Idea is well worth your time and marketing resources. We know the industries we work with, we understand demographics, social media, websites, and brand identity. We know how to take a business from barely surviving to thriving in a matter of months. So whether your legal firm is operating out of Joshua tree, 29 Palms, Palm Desert, or La Quinta, our agency is here to help. Check us out online to view a list of our services and specialties, get a quote, and book a free consultation with one of our team members today!

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