Professional Reputation in a Digital Age

Online Reputation Management SEO

Reputation has taken on a whole new meaning the wake of the digital age. It was once relatively easy to control one’s professional image. Before the rise of the internet, mass social communication channels were for the most part limited. During the time before the digital age, marketing consisted of a self-contained and easily manageable process that favored the business side of the marketing equation. With the birth of the internet and social media, the marketing paradigm shifted away from complete control by businesses towards a customer centric perspective. Essentially this means that the customers began to play a larger role in the development of brand reputation than the brands themselves. This is clearly represented by the role of online review sites such as Google reviews. More customers look to the internet to formulate their opinion of a company than ever before. This has taken marketing out of the easy to control world of television and radio and has placed it into the increasingly complex arena of digital media.

Digital media is now the defining point of a company’s reputation. There is simply no other marketing medium that has the wide reaching impact of the internet. If a company does not make an effort to protect their digital image, then that company forfeits their reputation to the whims of the internet. More often than not this ends badly for the company since one bad customer experience can lead to a surprisingly effective smear campaign through blogs and review sites. An otherwise healthy company can be destroyed by a negative digital image. The only way to guarantee that the professional reputation of a company is preserved in the face of the digital media storm is to hire an expert in digital marketing who knows how to control the chaos that is the web.

I Think an Idea is one such company that has become an industry leader in digital marketing services that help companies control their online reputation. The marketing experts at I Think an Idea specialize in online reputation management. Online reputation management consists of crafting a digital marketing campaign that boosts the positive visibility of a company throughout a variety of digital mediums including social media sites, blogs, online news outlets, and a variety of other web based platforms. I Think an Idea has helped both massive corporations and small businesses alike control their digital reputation. Thanks to I Think an Idea, many companies are now able to say that they control their destiny on the web.

Online reputation management is more than just a secondary service. It is essential to the success of any business in the digital age. In the past market domination was defined by a company’s ability to take to the airwaves through radio and then television. The companies that were unable to do so simply did not proceed into the future. The same can now be said about digital media. If companies fail to see the impact that digital media can have on their reputation, then they are doomed to fail in the same manner of companies that failed to see the importance of radio broadcasting and television advertisement.

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